He’s back. It has been awhile since we last saw Grant Ganzer at the House. Coming off his debut album, A4, the bar has been set high for the young artist. However, after a year-long creative journey, Grant has found a new inspiration for music and a new place in his heart. With his new found love, he is ready to set the bar even higher. Grant showcases this in his brand new single, “Samson”, out now.

It has been almost a year since the release of your album, “A4”. How has this past year shaped yourself as a musician but also as an individual as well?

”This last year since I released my debut album, A4, has been a wild one. It’s been a really big year for me creatively as I’ve focused a lot of myself, and on refining my sound and songwriting. As I sent that album out into the world, it was such a blessing to be able to hear from people listening about what they were really connecting. As well as listening to myself and recognizing what sound was calling for me to build on. That album was full of different sonic energy and writing styles, so I got a good look at what direction I wanted to take in my future releases. Ever since the beginning of A4’s creative process, I’ve felt really close to the song, “Other Side of the Sword” and luckily, my audience made it clear that they felt the same way.” 

What lessons have you learned this past year that inspired your single, “Samson”?

“This past year has been full of personal growth for me as well. I started a new relationship and fell in love. In a big way, that’s the journey that inspired me to write Samson. As I got involved in this new relationship, I was finding a lot of pent up emotions from past relationships and realized that I had been conditioned in a way to feel like I was incapable of trusting someone else with my heart. I was so afraid that I might misplace that trust and get hurt, as I’m sure we all are when we start to fall in love.”


Grant Ganzer

Grant Ganzer

This single describes your willingness to give up your own possessions just for that special someone. Can you explain the idea behind “Samson” and where that idea came from?

“This song recounts the moment when I surrendered myself to the vulnerability of falling in love and put all my trust in someone else. As I wrote it, I kept going back to the story of Samson and Delilah from the Bible. The story is about a man who is given incredible strength by God and God tells him that the only way his strength can be lost is if he cuts his hair. Samson falls in love with a woman, named Delilah, and tells her his secret weakness; his hair. However, he quickly realizes that he put that trust in the wrong place as she sells his secret to his enemy and they come in the night to take his hair from him. The story behind my song follows this biblical story very loosely. In the Bible, the story is about morality and a lesson in resisting earthly temptations, while my story speaks exclusively on my willingness to be vulnerable and let my guard down in the name of love.”

What was the process like creating this over these past months?

“This song was such a pleasure to create and collaborate on. I had been doing sessions with a few producers around Los Angeles and I started this song on a rainy day in the studio with a great friend of mine, Juangui. I met him while I was writing a lot of the music for A4 in Nashville with an incredible musician and mentor of mine, JMR. Juangui was in the room tossing ideas around with us while we wrote songs like Other Side of the Sword and so when he moved to L.A, we got right to work. We started and finished the writing for this song all in that one day and then did a few sessions working on production ideas and refining the song. When we had everything In a good place, I brought the track to my good friend and producer, Mark Evans, to cut some final vocals and mix the song. He did such an incredible job of bringing to life the intention that Juangui and I had for this song and really making it ready for release.”

Grant Ganzer

Grant Ganzer

What kind of emotions do you want this song to provoke to listeners?

“This song is full of emotion and I really like to leave my audience space to follow their heart when they listen vs telling them what emotion I want them to feel. That being said, we really intended for this song to make the listener feel a bit unsteady and on the edge of a big leap of faith. I really hope the song will inspire someone to take that leap in the name of sharing love with someone.”

What are some of the differences you see in “Samson” that are different than songs such as, “Other Side of the Sword”?

“I think the biggest difference in this song vs previous releases is the production style. Songs like Other Side of the Sword have a very old world style of production that feels very live, and is almost exclusively live instrumentation. With this song, I wanted to hold onto some of that live feel while modernizing the instrumentation and making it sonically a little closer to my current musical taste.”

What is the distinct theme in your music in 2020 that is different than past years?

“Moving into this new creative space with my writing has definitely been themed toward love found vs love lost that I was writing a lot about previously.”

Short-term/Long-term goals following “Samson”?

“My short term goals for Samson are to get a music video filmed and release a line of merchandise for the song. I was scheduled to have the music video all produced by now but unfortunately it got canceled due to the recent virus outbreak and health concerns. However, I’m still working hard on making it happen. I’m expecting to have a merch line available within about a week from the song release. I’m working with my good friend Mitch Blade on it and it’s looking really sick so far. 

Long term I’d really like to build on this sound and continue working towards giving my people something fresh and innovative to put their ear on.”

Any new creative projects in the works?

“I’ve got a couple new songs in the works to follow this release up with. The homie Mark who I mentioned earlier, and I hit a really good creative stride recently that birthed some material that I’d really like to share with the world. Juangui and I have also come up with some really special stuff as well that I can’t wait to polish up and get released.”

Grant Ganzer

Grant Ganzer

Over this past year, Grant Ganzer has discovered a new meaning behind his music and a new meaning behind his creativity. From the release of A4, the young artist has experienced a new journey in life, demonstrating the true meaning of love. Grant’s new single, “Samson”, represents his willingness to give it all up for that special someone. In addition, this song signals a new chapter in his musical career. With his unique style and creativity, we can only wait to see how Grant Ganzer tops himself again.

“I’d really just like to thank each of you out there reading and listening to my work. It’s means the world to me that you would lend me your ears and your hearts for a moment and feel the same way I do. As a creative and songwriter, that’s what it’s all about for me. You all have my deepest gratitude. From the floor of my heart, thank you.”

Welcome back to the House.

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