"How Could I Be Mad"

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Back like she never left. Coming off her anticipated single, "I Still Cry At Parties", JUJ has captured many hearts with the creative direction her new music is taking. She continues to set the bar for herself, and her music is evidence of that. With her unique ability of storytelling, "How Could I Be Mad" takes a different avenue down the creative mind of the Philly-based artist. The up-tempo track with the powerful lyrics from JUJ has produced yet another summer banger for all of us to enjoy.  

The song conveys JUJ's path towards letting go of the negative energy revolved around her and moving into a path of prosperity and growth for the young artist. As she enters the House, we could not wait to pick her brain behind yet another creative masterpiece.


What a few months it has been for you! Coming off such a strong showing with I Still Cry At Parties, how does it feel to be riding such a creative wave with your music lately? 

"Big love for having me back! Especially during this week, since I've been back in philly for a few days! I'm super excited for these next 6 songs I have coming, "How Could I Be Mad" being the second! Quarantine for sure has been a new normal in my creative process but I really appreciate challenging myself during this time."


This new single, "How Could I Be Mad", is a very different approach we have yet to see from you. Your flow seems to be directed towards a sense of revenge and vengeance in this song. How important was it for you to show this side of your creativity?

"I definitely wouldn't say revenge or vengeance is what I want someone to get out of the song, but I would understand that misconception. After being treated the ways I describe in the verses by this toxic friend, many would anticipate this to be a revenge or vengeance song but that is not who I am or how I roll. I see it more as "how could I have the time or why would I want to waste the energy on revenge or vengeance on this person?" I have too many good things and good people in my life to allow one person to come in and taint that for me."


With this second single of 2020, you continue to showcase different stories in each track. How was the process creating this song, different than ISCAP?

"ISCAP felt closer to what I've released before and what I am used to and most comfortable writing. Writing ballads or mid-tempo songs has always come easier for me. How Could I Be Mad is the first of the next 4 up-tempos I have coming out. To really shock you, it isn't even close to as uptempo as the others. I am super excited for everyone to hear this new side of my music I've been working really hard on."



 You continue to impress us with your lyrical talent. Where did the inspiration come from to create a song like this, with these powerful lyrics? 

"You are the kindest! Lyrics have always been my strong suit. I have been writing poetry just as a hobby since I was younger, so I definitely have always been more naturally lyrically inclined than melodically. Honestly, this one just came from 100% personal experience. This song is such a story of something I went through so no one really could have told my story on this besides me, because of all of the specifics and such I included. I co wrote this song with two great girls in sweden and melodically they really helped me bring the ideas i had to life, but they were even very insistent on this coming from me."


Compared to your earlier singles, you showcased a more relentless and mature mentality in this song. What did life teach you that helped you gain this new mindset?

"Honestly as I'm getting older, I'm setting standards for myself and those around me and I finally am holding people in my life accountable. And to be honest, it feels real good. A lot of my new music coming out is about these realizations and not settling for bad company just because it sometimes may feel better than being alone."


How have you used these experiences to continuously shape your creativity and develop unique pieces of music?

"I feel like no one has any idea what is in store for me and that feels really good. My new music coming up soon is so different from anything I have released or anything someone would expect. Each song is different as I am still experimenting with my sound and growing into different styles."




To follow up, is there a specific message that you hope your fans get from How Could I Be Mad? What should it teach us listeners?

"Don't let the bad someone tries to bring into your life outweigh the good in your life. A lot of times when someone else is unhappy, they try to bring you down with them because misery always likes company. Don't let them. There is so many reasons to be happy. Don't let one person cloud yourself from seeing them."


With a steady amount of releases coming this year, is there potential for an upcoming album? 

"WELL.......6 new singles and then WE SHALL SEE.... hopefully some touring in sight after the singles."


It takes awhile to realize what truly is bad for us. We tend to become complacent with our own happiness. It is not until we experience a realization that suddenly, we grasp the idea that we were never truly happy. Thankfully, JUJ has empowered the hearts of the House with her brand new single, "How Could I Be Mad". Through non-stop energy and beautiful vocalization, the song gives us the hope to take action for our own well-being. As JUJ continues into this thrilling creative direction, we cannot wait for her to touch even more lives with her influential lyrics and optimistic creativity. 


Not Crazy. Just Creative.



“It's better to be alone than in bad company.. trust me



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