About Us

Hi everyone. My name is Charlie Seith (@charlieseith), a 20 year old college student. A year ago, I launched this website called the Kolorhouse. The website was created in effort to spread creativity and most importantly, advocate for people to be themselves. All my life, I always saw myself as someone who desired to give others the power to succeed. I am happy to say that the Kolorhouse is a platform that showcases that.
The Kolorhouse is more than a website. It is a movement. Our main goal is finding creativity in artists and showcasing that to people of all kinds. We are driven by the message that we are not crazy, we are just creative. In our world today, there is a stigma revolving around mental health. The Kolorhouse aims to change that by building a community filled with creators with many different types of artistic background. We accept any type of creative work. 
Creators are showcased through several story-telling articles and posts that engage their followers and our followers as well. Besides our website, we additionally sell lines of merchandise to help spread the message of our movement. However, our company is motivated to take the Kolorhouse to cities around the country. In the near future, we will bring the idea of Kolorhouse to real life, holding artistic experiences that engage followers of the House with all types of artists. Whether it is a pop-up shop, community project, or a music festival, one of our goals is to give people the actual experience of being in the Kolorhouse. That experience consists of an unbiased environment for colorful people like me and you to enjoy creative work of all shapes and sizes.
The beautiful thing about the Kolorhouse is that any type of creative work is welcomed. We are the one-stop platform for creativity. Not just for music. Not just for videography. Creators of all kinds. I wanted to make something that allowed not just myself, but artists all around the world to collaborate with new types of creativity they have yet to experience. A house is a place where you feel safe to be yourself and be colorful. The Kolorhouse aims to fulfill that by giving young artists and people around the world the environment to be themselves and most importantly, be creative.

Interested in collaborating with us?