“The dreamer's untamed eye sees beyond the illusions to the heart of what is real”. When I first read this quote, I was confused as to what illusions the writer was implying to. Growing up, I imagined life to be simple: you only lived once, so live it to the fullest! Yeah, that did not last long. Soon enough, “life” as I knew it became a system of attending school, working a part-time job, and ultimately worrying about nonsensical ideas that soon stole my identity of life. Like the quote said: I was a dreamer, but I had been tamed. And when ever I felt like my old self, I was judged by society. “You cannot be that positive. That is not how life works”. I was in this endless maze of opinions for as long as I knew. It was not until I realized that many of these worries my life became filled with, had been those illusions all along. And when you see past that, anything is possible.

For many of us, our life has been tormented with these illusions that we perceive to be critical to our living. We are imposed with these false limitations in our mind that restrict our hopes and dreams. Just like that, we are tamed. We are taught that some of our ambitions are too far out of reach and maybe impossible to accomplish. However, a few have discovered that what lies beyond these illusions is everything we ever wanted. A few of us discover that life was always as simple as we thought it was. And like Christian, we discover that we were meant to live untamed.

Born in Queens, New York, Christian Hernandez, aka CH The Director, is a 28-year old videographer and photographer looking to showcase his untamed creative mind. Back when he used to sell his own designed t-shirts in underground hip-hop shows, Christian knew he wanted to live the life of music. Except he did not want to sing, he wanted to film. Eventually, he grabbed a camera in the studio and started to shoot for fun. When he realized he was good at it, the transformation into CH The Director began.


Regardless of the situation, Christian has always been untamed. Whether it was through the lens or in front of the camera, CH has always carried with him a unique style and extreme work ethic. The videographer has built a very impressive resume, becoming versatile in the different ways to shoot. Most importantly, his untamed creative mind is always discovering new ideas to bring music to life.

Through many music videos and headshots, Christian has had some amazing opportunities in his early career, like being featured on “THE HUNDREDS” website and even the ABC7 channel. The biggest accomplishment that always stands out to him though is the endless artists he is fortunate to work with. Whether it is battle rappers like Arsonal or BALI baby, CH never takes for granted the opportunity with collaborating with so many creative minds just like him.

Like the quote said: a dreamer’s untamed eye allows them to see beyond life’s illusions. Luckily for us, we have living evidence of this in Christian Hernandez, the full-time dreamer and videographer. Throughout his career, Christian has made it a priority to pursue life untamed, artistically and passionately. Whether it is shooting a music video behind the lens or exploring the world of photography, Christian Hernandez is ready to show everyone not just how to live colorfully, but to live untamed.

“You are not alone in the struggle to be where you want to be. Never give up and continue to work hard even at times when it seems so far away.”

Welcome to the House. Enjoy your Stay

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