Some say that the art of acting is to be other than what you are. Whether it would be performing a role for your high school theater or for a big movie, the stages of acting show that the skill to portray someone other than yourself is a talent found in very few. Only a limited number of actors and actresses have the ability to flawlessly create a new identity in front of the camera. Our newest member of the Kolorhouse is one who has built a career over bringing fictional characters to life in front of the real screen. Introducing, 22-year old actor Tyler Lofton. Welcome To The House.

Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, Tyler was very intrigued as a child to find an everlasting hobby. Luckily for him, the art of acting found him. On a day where his father was reminiscing his childhood memories, Tyler was introduced to his aging high school theater scripts found in his father’s memory box. At that very moment, Tyler fell in love with acting. The ability to disguise yourself and showcase endless personalities caught his attention. In 5th grade, he would audition and get a role in his school’s play, which would become the first of many roles Tyler would land. He continued with theater up until freshman year, when the young actor decided to take a step back and reevaluate his passion. It wasn’t long until the peer pressure in high school compromised Tyler, persuading himself to take on new activities and extracurriculars to fit in with the cool kids. It seemed like Tyler had looked back from his acting experience, deciding if this would be his path for the future. It was not until the year of 2015 that Tyler would experience a devastating life event that would change the lens he viewed acting and his life in general. That year, he had lost his step-father to a heart attack. The tragic loss quickly made him realize that life is too short to not chase after what you love. Soon enough, over that summer, Tyler felt the urge to be on stage again.

He quickly auditioned for a play that upcoming fall, booked the role, and finally came to agreement with himself that this is what he wanted to pursue. This was who he was. During rehearsals, Tyler started looking for acting agencies in the Ohio area. He soon found one and undoubtedly got signed right away. Through that agency, Tyler had the opportunity to participate in a showcase held annually in Los Angeles, the city of big time acting. From that showcase, he was given the pleasure to meet with many agents and managers and was blessed enough to have gotten offers for representation. After signing with his first manager, Tyler began self taping from Ohio. However, there came a point where a huge decision had to be made for the young actor. Being in Cleveland, Tyler saw the potential for himself in the land of California. At that point, he could only ever wish of moving to LA. About eight months after signing, Tyler experienced a surprising dream. In that dream, Tyler was challenged by a mysterious voice, confronting his vision of moving to California. Crazy enough, Tyler woke up from that dream to a call from a friend who was planning on relocating to the City of Angels in the short future and inviting Tyler to come with. Tyler had said yes. In just six short days, he had made the big move. In a very short time, with 80 dollars in his bank account and a clear vision, Tyler went from an ohio-based actor to a big role LA sensation.

Even with his success in LA, Tyler still takes time to reflect on the tough moments he has gone through in his life. A key difference that exists in himself than others is that Tyler has had a great access to many different emotions and feelings that most others only feel a fraction of. His rollercoaster past has made him who he is. These trials and tribulations Tyler has had to go through also allows him to not take any role or any project for granted. For himself, any booked role is an accomplishment. With so many people auditioning and applying for jobs nowadays, Tyler always feels thankful to be involved in any type of entertainment. With so many talented artists taking their success for granted, Tyler is unlike many. The actor is constantly appreciative and grateful for any role or job that might come his way.

It is not every day that you come across a person with so much appreciation and love towards life. Nowadays, social media allows many to portray a positive and cleansed version of themselves. Some may say that they are optimistic behind the screen, but who are they in real life? Well, for Tyler, many consider him to be one of the most positive and influential creators of the present. And why shouldn’t they? The young actor has had a bountiful amount of impressive roles, ranging from short films to even music videos. His most recent venture can be seen in the new PRETTYMUCH music video for their big track “Phases”, where he costars with many other talented actors. For himself, Tyler always looks at the glass half full, changing any negative encounter into a good one. Even without the roles and the achievements, Tyler has built a strong foundation of positive character and color in himself that is meant to be shared and cast on the walls of the Kolorhouse.

“This is your world... Everyone else is just living in it. I tell people all the time, why worry about what other people think because at the end of the day it's your life. So do what you love and love what you do. Make the most out of any given moment. And make your dreams come true.” - Tyler Lofton

Welcome to the House. Enjoy your Stay.

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