What is the rush? Is life going too fast for you? I feel like that is a question many of us ask ourselves almost everyday of our lives. We tend to be quick to reach our desired destination, instead of taking the longer but prosperous path. Creativity takes time, and with patience, we can help it flourish.

Rather than enjoying the process, most of us are blinded by our ambitions and desires. We expect to finally live once we reach our goals, meanwhile, we should have been living this entire time. So what is the rush? Like Olivia, we should all let creativity slow down, take its time, and let the beautiful colors of life steadily appear. 

From Gothenburg, Sweden, Olivia Junholm has had her life revolved around creativity ever since she was young. Growing up, her father influenced the world of music on her as he actively produced and created his own music. It was not long until Olivia knew that she was destined to become a musician.  



After finishing high school, Olivia decided to take the next step in her musical career, which was perfecting the element of writing. Luckily, around this time, she had got in contact with the music studio/school & artist community - Sarah Kelly Music School, in Houston, USA. This school ultimately would be where Olivia would record her first ever single, "Try", back in 2016. Sooner than later, the young artist decided to move back to Sweden to study songwriting full-time. Soon, Olivia got the opportunity of signing with a Swedish record label, Light&Salt Records, in 2019. The record label allowed her to finally release her debut EP, "No Rush", back in February of 2020. Each single on the EP was written by Olivia herself, and is already spinning on the Swedish radio. 


Inspired by singers and songwriters like Lianne La Havas, Amy Winehouse and Emily King, Olivia has created a very unique and distinct sound which differentiates herself from many artists. The flavor of soul and pop with mellow jazz influences in her music has shaped her new EP into a powerful, but colorful project. Olivia also prides herself in writing music that matters. The desire to touch people's hearts have inspired her music ever since she was young, and till this day, it is what keeps her motivated and always pushes her further. 


With her history revolved around Swedish music, Olivia has already emerged with an impressive resume. She has had the opportunity of performing at the global music forum, Sofar Sounds, and even performed at the music festival, Live at Heart. Her debut EP, 'No Rush', has already captured the hearts of many, as it continues to play across Swedish radio. The project speaks a lot about reducing stress in our everyday life, slowing down the pace, and letting creativity take control.



Adding color to life is not always about aiming for the biggest things in the sky. For Olivia, she believes that the little contributions in life create a big difference. I think that is what is most important. Life has never been a race. It is a journey. And with this beautiful journey, we are able to impact lives creatively, and colorfully. So let me ask you again: what is the rush? With so much happening in the world, it is important to slow down, check on yourself, and just enjoy this gift called life. With her new EP titled, 'No Rush', it is beautiful to see Olivia convey that message. In reality, there is no rush. Take a deep breath, slow down, and let creativity take control. And once you do that, suddenly those worries will disappear, and you will feel the colorful presence of the Kolorhouse take over. Thankfully, Olivia Junholm will be here to spread the message as well. 

Welcome to the House. Stay Creative.


"I just want to take the time to thank you for reading this, I hope my music will bring you joy and some nice vibes. It’s crazy times right now, so take care of yourself and your loved ones out there!"

- Olivia Junholm


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