We all have that one friend. Even with the vintage clothes or the odd accessories, you always see them with a smile on their face. Back in the 1960’s, hippies were revolved around the idea of rejecting social customs. To sum it up, it was a youth movement that encouraged young adults to be happy and be different. However nowadays, a lot of that has changed.

We see this in many different forms today. Although the typical hippie may be infrequent, many of their values still live on. As times have changed, the image of this movement has converted to a more lighter and brighter perspective. In a world that sadly lacks endless positivity, the modern day hippie helps light up our world. They believe in protecting the environment, being creative, and providing peace to many of us. Most importantly, a modern day hippie like Laura Cheadle, prides themselves in allowing people to be colorful.

PHILLY STAND UP! From the City of Brotherly Love, Laura Cheadle is a modern day hippie turned musician. From a young age, Laura had music instilled in her. Having family incorporated into the world of music, the path for Laura had been created. Her father is an accomplished professional musician, so the passion to create has always been there for Laura. In fact, her entire band consists of her family to this day.

Our environment shapes who we become. For Laura, the artistic expression found in Philadelphia helped bring out of herself a fun and funky musical vibe that she has become known for. Most importantly, music has shed light for Laura on the positive things in life. Her creative expression has allowed herself to manifest her own destiny. So when it came to aligning her goals, the doors of opportunity began to swing open.

Laura Cheadle x Traveler Guitar

Laura Cheadle x Traveler Guitar

Positivity attracts positivity. Through the process of touring across the country, Laura has recognized the spiritual energy to truly move people through music. That spiritual energy lies through the act of positivity which Laura aims to spread nearly everyday. Even during this quarantine, she still encourages her followers and everyone to stay creative and stay inspired through, #StayInspired. Whether it is meditation, running, or being creative, Laura knows that the biggest tool for a musician is how to expand positivity.

Creativity reflects experience. At a young part in her career, Laura Cheadle has not shied away from the spotlight. She has had the incredible opportunity for opening for some special artists like The Jonas Brothers, Sister Hazel, and The Spin Doctors. In addition, Laura has been recognized on many occasions, winning awards like ‘Musician Of The Decade’ for Elephant Talk Indie Music Awards in 2020 and ‘Best Blues/Jazz Band’ at Tri State Indie Music Awards in 2018.

I heard someone say before, “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” I never understood what the good life was until I heard it. After reading Laura’s story, I sense that the good life is molded by the positivity we decide to live with. And no, not all positive people are hippies. We just live in a world where negativity is easily influenced, but positivity seems to be scarce.

Laura Cheadle has carried this energy with her throughout her entire life. Although it may be scarce, creators like Laura have powered many of us to a lighter and brighter life. Even though it may be difficult sometimes, the difference between a colorful and colorless being is the positivity we decide to live with. So as Laura is welcomed into the House, let us embrace her magnetic energy and live all our lives like a modern day hippie.

Welcome to the House. 

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