In the Kolorhouse, we value casting beautiful colors. Colors that make us feel alive and happy and most importantly, give off positive vibes. Those vibes that ultimately make our members feel together and feel love. We strive to achieve love through finding creators and artists that resemble that. Our newest member of the Kolorhouse prides himself in creating those vibes. Introducing, videographer Steven Muela, aka “You are Now Entering a Vibe”.

Creator of Vibrealism, Steve has built a following around creating breathtaking videos that each ultimately represent a specific type of vibe for the viewer to enjoy. From handing out snapchat flyers on his college campus to producing videos for top-notch artists and influencers, the road to videography for the 25 year old out of Harlem New York was more than just edits and cuts. At a low point in his life, Steve found happiness through self-expressing himself through his videos. Ever since that point, the vibe creator has never looked back.

For Steve, his purpose has always been greater than himself. Losing his mother to breast cancer at 14, Steve’s outlook changed. A switch was flipped. The countless hours of work begun and the effort has only increased. Steve found what he was passionate about and he never let it go. The videographer has taken pride in his work ethic and his ability to inspire others, which you can see through his work. The non-stop creating and development of his art has shown that if you find your purpose, you can reach your full potential.

Within these last 2 and a half years, Steve has proven what he is capable of through the countless artists and creators he has worked with. The 25 year old has had the opportunity to create the debut album cover for Danileigh, produce endless videos for the dynamic duo of Chicklet & Maleni, and has even seen the star Chris Brown notice his work. DefJam, Rodney Mcleod, LiveLikeDavis and many more have also had the chance to enter one of Steve’s many vibes.

As the newest and first videographer invited to the Kolorhouse, there is so much that Steve Muela brings to the table. With himself, the videographer brings experience, infinite creativity, and most importantly, positivity. Through the lens of the camera, the 25 year old has the ability to catch you with his words and his determination. His energy seems to be unmatched, creating content that can uplift and empower other creators inside our beautiful house. Videography maybe the art he is most known for, but what is behind those videos is an inspired and motivational man who will do anything to empower and bring the best out of others.

“Find yourself. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Do what makes you happy. Everything else will figure itself out. Remember that it doesn't matter what you haven't done in the past, but what you're going to do from this day forward to make a difference. Every day is a new opportunity to achieve your dreams.” - Steven Muela

Welcome to the House.

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