Slam Bradley


When people ask athletes who they hope to inspire, they tend to always mention the next generation. To be honest, an answer like that holds a lot of weight. A generation consists of a timeline of many unique individuals that walk this Earth. So, who would not want to inspire the great ones yet to come?

That is usually what people mean when they throw around the word, “generation”. For myself, a generation has always been more than just a time. History teaches us that a generation has represented the unique events, ideas, and experiences created by those people of that time. It represents the unique styles, trends, and most importantly, creativity we have yet to see.

With a new generation brings plenty of new ideas, inventions, and creativity. And with new creativity, brings new musicians, artists, and creators like Deion Bradley, AKA, Slam Bradley.

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Born in Houston, Texas, Deion Bradley is a 20-year old artist ready to prove he represents that new generation of music. Ever since he was a kid, Deion has always been fascinated with the genre of rap. As he constantly waited for the latest Lil Wayne mixtape to release, Slam quickly became curious about the world of music.

When he got to high school, Deion quickly became close friends with fellow Kolorhouse feature, Corey Morris. The two immediately connected and began building a bond that is powered by their love for creating. Since then, Corey has helped Slam find his own voice and identity in music. That identity for Deion became to be a vibrant but classy Houston-raised artist.

Representing a new generation means you have to carry a different mentality for yourself. At a young age, Deion quickly developed a determined mentality that allowed his past experiences and situations to fuel his creativity. Even today, he believes that mentality is how he has seen his life vastly change. Whether he is Deion or Slam Bradley, the young artist strives to never settle in any aspect of life.

We find motivation in different people in our lives. For Deion, his motivation has always lied in his friends, The New Generation. Since growing up, these guys for Slam have become his backbone in life and have become the definition of a brother to him. They heavily have influenced not just Deion has a person, but as a musician. This can be seen in Deion’s first EP, “COLORBLINDE”, which is available to be streamed right now! The majority of the project was produced by his close friend, Corey Morris, who was featured by us this past year.

History has given us an immense amount of generations that have continuously shaped the way we view life and even art itself. For the Kolorhouse, it has always been about finding those unique individuals that see the world of creativity differently than people of the past. Whether it is producing songs, painting on a canvas, or even writing a book, the House is built on these different ways of creativity that the world has never seen before. Luckily for us, the House has found an artist like this in Deion Bradley, aka Slam Bradley. Like many of us, Deion has had his life full of people that have inspired and influenced him to be creative. However, there comes a time when you are ready to prove to the past generation that you have approached not just music, but life in an advanced way. There comes a time for you to finally show the world just how colorful and creative you can make this life. There comes a time for you to finally walk into the House of Kolor and ignite a generation full of unique creativity and style. And for Deion Bradley, that time is now.

“Whatever you’re going through, it won’t be forever because truly, nothing is never ending!” - Slam Bradley

Welcome To The House. Enjoy your stay.

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