In our lives, our home holds a special place in our hearts. It is where we made memories, met lifelong friends, and ultimately experienced life for the first time. Our hometown is what made us. And even if we leave it to move on to somewhere else, we always find ourselves coming back.

Yeah, I get it. A lot of us like to move on. We like to experience new things. Don’t get me wrong, leaving the place where you grew up for 18 years can be exciting. You finally have the chance to explore new things and leave your past behind. A past filled with many lessons, some for the good and some for the bad. However, these lessons allow us to chase something new. Start fresh. Most importantly, they give us the tools to grow.

Like most of us, we are always on the go. Chasing new sights, experiencing new things, and ultimately experiencing life at its fullest. And still, our home holds very dear to us. Our hometown created us. It allowed us to express ourselves freely and find ourselves for the very first time. And for Sincerely Collins, his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona is a place that paved the way for his everlasting musical career.

It was not until the age of 13 where Sincerely Collins would find music. Watching his cousins produce and record nonstop allowed himself to pick up his own pen and begin to write. As he began to jot down his own musical ideas, he realized how much influence the city had on his lyrics. The city’s energy began to be reflected in his music and throughout all of his creative projects. For Collins, Phoenix is a melting pot booming with new energy and holding special meanings from the history of the land which Sincerely Collins aims to showcase through his upbeat rhythms and authentic lyrics.

Ever since he was born, Collins has had to face adversity. When he was born, he immediately had to have surgery on both of his hands due to limited functionality. His grandparents were told he would have difficulty doing many things with his hands. However, that has not stopped him one bit. Throughout his childhood, he continued to write music and play basketball competitively until he decided to put all his time into music.

Ever since he began writing at the age of 13, Sincerely Collins has seen many of his songs climb up the charts. For himself, it was not until his record “Light Work” took off when he realized that everything he has worked so hard was paying off. The song was spun on the radio at peak hours for a year straight and eventually became a top record in many stations’ playlist. After that, Collins has continued to elevate his work, releasing new music that continues to set the bar for his future endeavors. You can see Sincerely Collins’ latest work in his official music video for his song, “Yap Yap”, where he reveals his secret formula to success through a very fun and energetic track.

Made by the valley, Sincerely Collins has carried with him throughout his music career the nonstop energy and color the city of Phoenix represents. Because of that, the city’s influence on him has let the artist emphasize making others feel important and giving them a voice. Whether it is through his creative music videos or his upbeat personality, Sincerely Collins aims to open up people to a world they have never experienced before. As he continues to excel and flourish in the music industry, he never forgets how he got here. Even though he may explore and travel across the world, the endless valley of Phoenix will always be his home. And now, Collins takes his journey into the Kolorhouse, where we shall let the endless creativity of his art be casted on our walls.

“FEEL THE FEAR, THEN DO IT ANYWAY” - Sincerely Collins

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