It is a scary feeling; leaving your house for the first time. You are excited for this new chapter, yet frightened to be on your own. You are not the only one. It may be hard in the beginning because well, it’s supposed to be. But, as time goes on, we all begin to figure it out. We meet new friends, find new hobbies, and ultimately discover a new home. You begin to grow, develop, and take shape of what you were meant to become. But, nothing is better than coming home. And as we return back to where we came from, the mirror in our old bathrooms always casts a different animal than the one we left there as. And, just like Sam, the animal always comes back more colorful.

From Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, Sam Acaes is very familiar with the Kolorhouse. In fact, back in May of 2019, Sam was featured on our site with the infamous Luke Updyke. And now, he has returned back to the house with his very own music to introduce!

At the age of 13 years old, Sam stumbled upon Nicky Romero’s Ultra Miami 2013 set on YouTube. As he watched the video, he was amazed to see how one song made everyone feel connected. The love in the air felt contagious as Sam watched thousands of people let loose to the same song. And at that moment, Sam knew he was going to make music. Even with no computer to use and no idea how it all worked, Sam knew he was destined to create.

Even with having one released song, Sam knows he is different than a lot of artists. By refining his sound, Sam discovered a new outlook on life, which he relates to in his new music. Concepts of time and regret has allowed Sam to realize that we must enjoy the time we have living rather than worrying about the little things. His songs like “This Doesn’t Feel Like Colour” and “And Then Summer Passed” both showcase this idea. However, his biggest difference lies in his love for music. So much so, Sam has set a massive goal of playing at the same music festival Nicky Romero did 7 years ago.

Getting set to release his second single, Sam has enjoyed the journey of his young musical career. His first single, “This Doesn’t Feel Like Colour”, surpassed fifty thousand streams, setting a milestone Sam never anticipated on passing. However, the early success of his music has continued to drive him to higher heights, setting the bar for his anticipated song, ANDTHENSUMMERPASSED, set to release next Monday.

Throughout our life, we always come across new places, new people, and new colors we have never seen. And still, we find ourselves coming back home. For Sam, coming back to the Kolorhouse is more than just his new music. It is about growth. When we first met Sam, we knew him as a duo. Now, as we open the door to our house, Sam Acaes comes in as his own authentic and colorful artist. Ready to showcase his music to us all, let us paint the walls with Sam’s versatile rhythm making and most importantly, his determined personality.

“Don’t have dreams, have goals.” - Sam Acaes

Welcome to the House. Enjoy your Stay.

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