Ryan Scardecchio


Not going to lie, but right now is a very scary time. Stock markets are crashing, cities are on lockdown, and a spreading virus has us stuck inside. So yeah, it sucks. For myself, it was hard not to get down. My eyes continued to peep through the news, noticing the countless incidents around the world. I refused to accept how life itself was stopping. I was in denial of the fact that for maybe two months, the world would pass me by. Over time, I have just been obsessed with continuously going, going, and going. Let us be honest, many of you can relate right now. This non-stop train of life always has us looking ahead, rather than focusing on what is in front of us. Eventually, the train continued to travel farther and farther from my own self and my own creativity. Sooner than later, I struggled with being creative.

Everything changed when I came home. As the train of life stopped, I noticed how slow time was. Thankfully, I realized the opportunity we have in front of us; the chance to rediscover ourselves. It gives us the chance of discovering our creativity again. This halt in life allows our creativity to run wild just like our newest creator, Ryan Scardecchio.

PHILLY STAND UP! From the roots of the House, Ryan Scardecchio aka, “Scardecc”, is a graphic artist straight from the City of Brotherly Love. For as long as he could remember, Ryan has always been creating. Even at a young age, he always seemed to get in trouble for scribbling on the walls with crayon. Quickly enough, Ryan’s mother had recognized that art was her son’s passion. And before you knew it, Ryan was creating everywhere.

Being from Philly, Ryan grew up with several city heroes. One of these heroes, Allen Iverson, inspired many like himself to chase his dreams. The basketball phenomenon quickly became Ryan’s favorite subject to draw. As he countlessly drew Iverson, he began to even memorize every tattoo and every feature that came with him. This passion for creating his hero with his own hands made him realize that he could make a career using graphic design. Eventually, Ryan decided to attend East Stroudsburg University with a BA in Art and Design. Upon graduating, the young artist has had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the biggest tech companies in the world for shows like CES, E3, and many others.


“You are only as good as your last performance.” Like many creatives, Ryan constantly pushes himself to continue to create better than his last project. Most importantly, he creates what HE wants to. Nowadays, many artists will rush to finish a design or a post just to get it on social media. Sooner or later, those posts become identical to many others that crave for the likes of others. For Ryan, he carefully goes through hundreds and hundreds of photos until he finds the right one. When the right one is chosen, he lets his creativity take the wheel. Whether it takes him 3 days or 3 months, Ryan will patiently let his creativity fully reach the screen.

As days go bye, we impatiently await the chance for us to meet the world again. Locked inside, many of us are becoming frustrated because we cannot leave our print on the walks of life anymore. However, people forget the most beautiful aspect of this situation: TIME. Sit down with your family. Tell them how much you are grateful to share this journey of life with them. Call your friend. Reminisce about some of your favorite memories. Most importantly, remember how precious the gift of time is.

Ryan Scardecchio has spent the majority of his life creating. It does not have to be said how incredible and magnificent his work is. However, behind those colorful pictures is just a kid who wanted to be creative. A kid that constantly strived to let his creativity run wild, allowing the best version of himself to come out. Now, with the world on pause, you have the same chance. Let your creativity run wild like Ryan’s, and let your inner colors guide you to the House.

“If you are a creative in any field, don’t let fears hold you back. People will either love your work or hate it, you can’t control that outcome so just be yourself and don’t conform to try to win over the masses.” - Ryan Scardecchio

Welcome to the House. Enjoy your stay!

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