Art comes in many forms. It could be found through photography, writing, or even designing clothes. Although, the simplest form can get lost sometimes, and that form can be found through painting. As kids, many of us doodled and drew our way through art class. We were driven by the ability to express ourselves. However, many of us could not put our own ideas on paper. Many forms have been derived from that, but the true artistic expression still exists. Luckily for us, there are a few that keep that alive. Our next member of the Kolorhouse is one of those few. Introducing the artistic genius, Ricky Ostendi.

Raised in Downey, California, Ricky has been fortunate enough to be around art all his life. As a child, the artist was shown the ropes from his father who was always seen drawing with charcoal and pencil. For the 36-year old, art has become the only way for himself to express himself in many shapes and sizes. All he needs is a paintbrush, paints, and a canvas to drift away into the art realm.

For himself, Ricky aims to be as diverse as possible. Whether it is painting traditionally, to using spray cans, or even illustrating digitally. The artist prides himself as expressing his art in many different forms. The inspiration behind his work comes from his two amazing kids and his extraordinary wife. His constant work on his craft is due to his desire to show his children that whatever it is that they want to do with their life, they should be the best at it, and always give 110%.

As an artist in California, Ricky has showcased his art at many different shows. He even had his own solo show in 2014, where every piece of his art was sold! That night back in 2014 showed himself that people truly enjoy his art and his creativity. Ever since then, Ricky has continuously worked towards his craft, non-stop creating.

As the first true artist invited into the Kolorhouse, Ricky’s ability to bring color to life and imagining endless possibilities of art gives the house an unique presence. The 36-year old shows other members that constant work on your craft will pay off. You may fail sometimes, but failing will only make you stronger. Let’s not forget, the endless creativity Ricky brings into our house. The artist has the ability to bring his ideas to life, painting anything imaginable. With experience and hard-work, Ricky can show members that if you continue to paint, the final piece will be beautiful.

“Everyone has a style and sometimes people don’t see what you see. In all things creative, everyone has an opinion. It’s up to the artist if he or she can really take the criticism and get better or build that thick skin against unhelpful feedback. As an artist you want to constantly improve your skills, but it can be hard to hear some times. Really trying to establish your style is bittersweet. The learning process is excruciating and exhausting. Some days you’re feeling it and others you feel like you took a step back, but one day, the stars align and everything just falls into place and you’re reminded that hard work and dedication truly pays off. Whatever craft it is that you do, and absolutely love, keep pushing forward, and keep challenging yourself. You will make it to the finish line.” - Ricky Ostendi

Welcome to the House.

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