Music has become a powerful outlet in our society. An outlet that allows anyone of any size, shape, or color to express themselves freely in many different styles. One style that has emerged in the past few years has been the art of DJing. DJs across the globe have slowly taken over the electronic genre with a different approach to dance music. For this next member, he has taken his style of DJing to the next level with a new and improved sound that has yet to reach its full potential. Introducing to the Kolorhouse, 22-year old Philip Parchment.

Philip got his start for music at an early age, as he became infatuated with his father’s old Victrola and turntables. By 15, he had purchased his own home stereo amplifier from a local thrift store. Even with the littlest things, Philip put in hours of practice by learning how to blend records and imitate the smallest techniques he had heard throughout his childhood. At such a young age, Philip knew what he wanted to pursue. Turns out, his journey was just beginning.

In a society with so much music influence, Philip found his motivation for creating music from his father. Growing up in Jamaica, Philip’s father turned to music, perfecting the art of Djing. When he passed away, his old instruments and tools were given to Philip. At first, he didn’t even want to pick up Djing because it reminded him of his deceased father. However, at his father’s funeral, one of his closest friends, Axwell, from the popular house music group Swedish House Mafia, persuaded the young Philip to carry on his father’s legacy. Ever since then, the young DJ has never looked back.

Through years of hard work, Philip carries an impressive resume with himself. In the past few years, he has played at some of the best night clubs, such as LIV Miami, Delano Beach Club, Wet Republic, NOTO, & HydeBeach Club and music festivals like Ultra Music Festival. His music can also be discovered on many streaming platforms such as Soundcloud, where he has over 1.11M plays and Spotify, where his music has been featured on many global playlists.

For Philip, the difference between him is fighting the social construct. Nowadays, many are influenced by the opinion of others rather than what makes them happy. The 22-year old prides himself in bringing a smile to faces and bringing excitement to the dance floor.

More than a decade later, Parchment has perfected a unique, genre-bending style of dance-floor music that takes his listeners on a never-ending journey. Through constant change and effort, Philip has molded his music and himself into an inspiring and electric presence. Carrying the true values of music, the creative DJ walks into our house eager to cast his creative talent to the room. With just a scratch of kolor on his turntable, Philip will bring nonstop energy and creativity to our house.

“Words can have so many different meanings, to different people, in different places, with different contexts, in different languages. Music is the most powerful way to reignite nostalgia; to experience emotion, only your previous self could feel, again & not the words that were once said to you.” - Philip Parchment

Welcome to the House.

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