When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with video games. I remember every day of 6th grade I would go home and hop on Minecraft with all of my middle school friends. So yeah, I was a loser. But as time went on, those video games did not give me the same feeling I had felt in the beginning.

As the years went by and I got older, I realized just how many lessons those video games taught me about myself. Once I began to put down the sticks, I began to learn more about who I am and what life truly is. Those video games allowed me to enter my creative realm and apply that to my actual life. Whether it was drawing, dancing, or even videos, I realized how I could implement my creativity into things other than Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto (yes I should not be playing GTA but who cares everyone else did). And once I realized that, I began to take my creative path down a different road.

But like everything else in life, every road is not the same. Each hold different turns, different bumps, and different hills. Each have their own identity that is special to only one. Just like the Cinderella slipper, your creative path is only worthy to you. And for Nick, his creative path brought him through the lens of a camera.

Born in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Nicholas Burnam is a 21 year old Creative Director with a unique skill of story-telling and creativity. When he was in middle school, Nick became vastly involved with the gaming community, spending his hours playing Call of Duty. He became fascinated with the community of creators posting their "episodes" online with great music and great visuals. It was not until senior year of high school where Nick would find his drive to make videos and create content.

Spending hours on Instagram like the rest of us, Nick and a few of his high school buddies began to create special pictures for the platform. They would go out and explore, looking to capture the perfect picture. A day came where one of his friends asked his parents to use their camera and it all began from there. From that day on, an urge grew inside the 21-year old creator. A couple months later, Nick was now posting consistently on Instagram and showcasing his interest for photography. His interest grew so vastly that he eventually came to the point where he asked his mother for a camera. Being a kid that got into trouble, Nick realized that his newfound hobby was changing the way he pictured life and his mother recognized it. Little did she know that when she bought Nick that camera, it was the start of something great.

For himself, videography is a way that Nick can express his mood and inner emotions through storytelling and music. Whenever there is editing to be done or photos to be shot, that is where Nick feels most alive. The young creator has found that videography has allowed him to constantly visualize in video format. Hearing a specific music or beat has inspired Nick to continue to find different ways to change the game. Being in a creative environment, Nick began to grow mentally and spiritually as an individual. His new career opened him up more socially and allowed himself to connect with a lot more like-minded people. It taught himself that success takes time. Everyone starts off small. It’s just a matter of how bad you want it. Becoming a creator didn't just happen overnight though. It took Nick months of just sitting frustrated in front of his computer screen, spending hours outside learning how to find his true voice through this art. And through all of that, the new love Nick has discovered has humbled him as a creator and as an individual. Dropping out of school and leaving everything at 20 years old to chase his dreams has allowed Nick to be grateful for all the highs and lows of his new journey.

Since the day Nick got that camera, the creator has walked through any door that has opened for him. At just the age of 21, Nick has quite the impressive resume for a videographer that began the journey less than a year ago. It all started with “Lost in Translation”, the video that put him on the map. This specific video took around two months to produce and it let everyone know that Nick was serious with videography. After that, Nick became noticed by creators across the country, having opportunities to film for projects cruising through the Bahamas to shooting on NFL football fields. One of Nick’s most impressive projects occurred this past summer, where he got the opportunity to direct a video for Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback, Jameis Winston. One morning in the heat of July, Nick had gotten a call from an NFL agent saying he needed the videographer to film his client. The very next morning, Nick was on the field filming the NFL Pro-Bowler. The experience to shoot with a star of that caliber has shown Nick just how far he has came. Nick’s latest venture can be seen in his newest project, which is his YouTube channel. The creator has found a new passion in posting content that people can benefit from, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro tutorials.


As a young kid, all I knew was in front of my TV screen. The endless imagination of gaming made me feel alive inside. However, it was not until I stepped outside of that world that I realized how powerful my creative mind can be. That even without the controller, I can still make my colorful ideas come to life. I had to realize that those ideas came in all shapes and sizes, different for each and everyone of us. For Nick, those ideas lied behind the lens of a camera. The thrill of creating his own visuals and scenes has allowed the young creator to blossom into an incredible story-telling director. Whether it is filming football hype videos or international travel videos, Nick Burnam has laid a foundation of creativity and colorful energy that deserves to be casted through the rooms of the Kolorhouse.

“If you are a new creator, don’t be discouraged if nobody supports what you do. Keep creating and keep your head down and just learn. Always find something that inspires you and just keep pushing because it only takes one time to get noticed. And when that time comes, you have to be ready.”

Welcome To The House. Enjoy Your Stay.


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