The idea behind creativity is how one uses their imagination and how they turn that imagination into reality. For many of us, unlocking our full potential of creativity could take awhile to reach. However, when that is reached, the pathways of imagination become endless. Some of those pathways could lead imagination into a creative work that draws upon psychoanalysis, virtual reality, dreams, and the unconscious. This type of artistic form, contemporary surrealism, has ultimately become popular in our society. Contemporary surrealism is an unbelievable and fascinating form of art that only few have the capability to reach and conquer. Our newest member of the Kolorhouse is 24-year old, Natasha Chomko, who has the ability to create new worlds with her art that take us on a colorful journey.

For Natasha, the passion to pursue art was always inside her ever since she was a child. As a kid, Natasha passed time away by creating paper collages throughout her youth. She felt a connection with piecing images together and giving it a whole new story. As she got older, art started to take a backseat in her life due to the growing pains of becoming an adult. But eventually, art found her again at the perfect time. She was reunited with her passion in college when her life became consisted of an office job and school work. She sought a creative outlet. When she discovered her love for art once again, she felt whole. Natasha took it on herself to begin showcasing her art online and eventually, it took off.

In any unique life, there are specific memories and experiences that help shape yourself as a person. As years go by, many start to realize how those circumstances really differentiates you from everyone else. For creative work like Natasha’s, it is seen through her art how past experiences have separated herself from others. Significant life events such as pursuing sobriety at the age of 21, career changes, and relocating several times have shaped Natasha as an artist and as a human being.

For a specific type of art like contemporary surrealism, the motivation behind Natasha’s work is hugely influenced by her spiritual journey. For an artist that relies on several key feelings and thoughts, Natasha is motivated by what she is exposed to in real time. Behind her work are stories and emotions that relay her outlook on life. The artist believes that life is best lived through feeling emotions, facing challenges, and overcoming the painful times to make your life that more beautiful. For herself, learning overcomes losing.

After facing the challenge of becoming sober, Natasha began to finally get out of her head and live life. The color in her life now is represented by the understandings and lessons she has learned throughout her early career. The young artist has begun to accept what is given and use the cards that she has, not worrying about the cards others hold. What lies as her biggest accomplishment is just realizing how life should be lived, which is without regret and without fear.

Art in its simplest form describes a story and values a specific meaning. For Natasha, her art casts an endless imagination and understanding of life that is not usually seen. Through her imagination, many find themselves in a new realm of creativity, experiencing objects with their eyes that are used to paint a unique story. Her ability to cast and present feelings that many of us search for are unmatched. Even without her undeniable talent, Natasha brings an authentic presence to our Kolorhouse. Her ability to truly understand life and bring that to reality is something that our house craves. Natasha’s work is created by a woman who is present in her own life living in her own skin. With extraordinary skills, Natasha believes in only being herself and no one else. So, let us create a new world with her limitless imagination. A world full of learning, laughter, and endless color.

“The only thing I can really say is listen to the roads of your life and trust the process. I always wanted to be a lawyer growing up and I’m glad that hasn’t happened for me because I feel like I’ve gained so much perspective in other things that I wouldn’t have gotten in that life. I guarantee there is a reason for absolutely everything, even if it doesn’t make sense or we can’t pin point exactly what happens. If I never trusted my gut, I wouldn’t be an artist. I’d still be slaving over 500 emails a day and hating my life, having no boundaries or self esteem. It was what I WANTED but its not what I NEEDED. Learning that difference has quite literally changed my life.“ - Natasha Chomko

Welcome to the House. Enjoy your stay.

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