Color, in its simplest form, is a characteristic of human visual perception described with categories. Crazy enough, we are limited to the amount of colors that can be seen with the human eye. However, what if we could extend our sight and be able to see all the colors we have ever imagined?

If you are still curious about the possibility of seeing colors exceeding our spectrum, I am sorry to inform you that the chance of that is very, very low. If it was possible though, would you take it for granted? See, for myself, colors point out differences in all of us. Not differences to be judged, but differences to be appreciated because it is who we are. That is what makes us special.

Each and everyone one of us cast our own colors. In our society, we are so quick to judge based on what we see from the outside. From the outside, we might see colors that scare us or push us away from one another. However, what if I told you the most beautiful colors can be found in the inside? What if that dented, old paint can in your garage held the colors you were seeking?

When that happens, you finally begin to understand that we are all different and we are all unique. You are not the average being. We are not the average website. And our newest member of the Kolorhouse is not your average pop star. Introducing, 23-year old African Artist, Moonjali.

Born in Kinshasa, Congo, Moonjali is proud of where he is from and who it has made him into today. At the age of just 18 months, Moonjali and his mother immigrated to Europe and then Canada, where his siblings would be born. Growing up in Montreal, Moonjali’s journey has driven him to the world of music.

Music has always been in his blood. Starting at the age of 5 years old, Moonjali saw the music industry quickly unfold in his early teen years. When he was 15, he had the opportunity of airing on a Canadian Television show titled “The Next Star”. At the time, “The Next Star” grew an immense audience and quickly became one of the biggest television shows in Canada. On the screen, Moonjali impressed many viewers as he made the top 6 of Season 3 and went on to release two music videos through Warner Music Canada.

For the young artist, Moonjali has been driven to succeed by his hard-working and resilient mother. While raising him at the age of 22, Moonjali’s mother worked towards a degree and is now thriving as an employed nurse. His mother’s long and bumpy road has taught Moonjali the importance of working hard and being grateful of what you have. For himself, Moonjali’s mother is more than an inspiration, but a hero.

He is not your average pop star. Nowadays, many artists mold towards the acceptance of society. However, Moonjali prides himself on being who he is: Moonjali. He writes about things that are true to himself, showcasing a mind of intelligence and creativity all in one.

On Monday, September 30th, Moonjali’s debut album, “All Over The Place” will be available to stream. The album holds 10 songs on the standard version and 13 on the deluxe version. Many significant producers are attached to the album, such as Jessie Reyes, Tory Lanez, Dua Lipa, Usher, and Rihanna. Moonjali has also just kicked off his Canada tour, performing in the biggest cities like Montreal and Toronto. For himself, this is more than just an album, but it is a chance for him to follow his dreams.

As time goes on and on, life becomes a game of many ups and downs. Whether it is a bad hair day or failing a test, we always find a reason to not live in color. However, those same trials and tribulations just make us better. It allows our colors to grow and be different than everyone else. As an African gay artist, Moonjali has had the world against him and yet he still finds a way to live life through color and music.

“You are enough and you should NEVER choose money over your mental health.” - Moonjali

Welcome To The House. Enjoy Your Stay.

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