All my life, I have struggled with mental health. So much so, that my creativity began to mix with these ideas inside my head. Soon after, I realized that the ability to create art represents more than just colorful pictures and catchy songs, but it represents the idea of creating something that is much more bigger than you.

Whether it is issues like economic inequality, environmental justice, or mental health awareness, we all can create art that means so much more. That is what creating is all about. Creating is not just for yourself, but for millions of others. That is how Mason attacks the world of creativity; creating music that matters.

Born straight from Santa Monica, California, Mason Summit is a 23-year old singer-songwriter-producer who looks to take his passion for music and tie his creativity to significant issues in society we face today.

It started at the age on 9. Mason’s parents took him to many folk concerts as a kid and sooner than later, his father got him into playing the guitar. Ever since then, the creative family of Mason’s has inspired him to pursue his music career endlessly. Most importantly, the family of writers, musicians, and actors has influenced Mason to really dive into all aspects of producing his music. Artists like Brian Wilson has allowed Mason to distinguish himself from other artists by becoming consumed by the writing, the producing, and the instruments of music. Throughout his journey, Mason has amassed many guitars, keyboards, and instruments that have helped him find new sounds in his craft. His love for guitar goes further than in the studio, but on stage. When he is not doing his own shows, Mason enjoys playing guitar for other artists. The young musician explores many different paths to find new sounds of music, aiming to impact as many lives as he can.

A few years ago, Mason had the amazing opportunity of participating in the Wild Honey Organization’s tribute to “The Band”. He shared the stage with some of his heroes growing up, benefitting the Autism Think Tank. Musically, Mason is looking forward to his upcoming album, Negative Space, which is set to release soon. His anticipated project is his proudest accomplishment to this date, including some of the best songs he has ever written. Mason hopes to write a new chapter in his music career with a very different approach to creating this album.

For many of us, art is how we express ourself. We endlessly create through many outlets, aspiring to showcase our thoughts and ideas colorfully. However, the beauty in art goes deeper than just influencing our own behavior. Mason Summit has spent his entire musical career not just creating for himself, but for the bigger problem. Whether it is economic inequality, environmental justice, or even US foreign policy, Mason hopes to change the world through his emotional lyrics and passionate vocals. His unmatched dedication to music and his motivated personality belong here at the Kolorhouse, where we seek to change more than colors, but the world.

“In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty” - Phil Ochs

Welcome to the House. Enjoy your Stay.

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