”Rise above the storm and you will find sunshine.” It is no surprise that all of us experience some sort of downfall in our lives. Whether it is large or small, sometimes we fall down. Although it may hurt, the lessons we learn from that fall only encourage our new beginning. A new beginning where we rise up from those tragedies and conquer our past demons. We rise above the storm and recognize our true identity. Like Maripo$a when we rise above our problems, we unlock a new way of creativity.

From Miami, Florida, Becky Mikelstein, known as Maripo$a, is a 22 year old musician who is ready to rise above any challenge in her musical career. Back in 3rd grade, Becky began to write poetry as a young child. It was not until she decided to join musical theatre in middle school that she knew she was destined for a career in music.

We all have those things that motivate us. For Maripo$a, she gets her motivation from her past experiences. All the pain she has been through in her life has taught her some valuable lessons not just about music, but about life in general. She believes that with her story, she can inspire people and let them know it is okay to feel how they want to feel. Most importantly, she wants to inspire individuals to rise above their challenges and make it to the top.

From the east coast to the west coast. 4 years ago, Maripo$a moved to San Jose, California, to work on her professional modeling and singing career. Although she experienced some hardships, she eventually moved to L.A at the age of 20. At such a young point in her career, Maripo$a has already landed many opportunities. She got her first modeling gig with JMP THROAT magazine and even landed a stylist job with JOYRICH. Just this past year, she officially released her first official music video to her song, “Gem”, which has over 3,000 views on YouTube. Just this past month, she additionally released her new song, “Get Well Soon”, which has hit 26,000 streams on SoundCloud. Looking into the future, Maripo$a plans to build her own in-home studio to never miss a beat of her creativity.

It is the little things in life. Throughout her young career, Maripo$a always makes sure to be the purest and sweetest form of herself. To her, it is always about spreading creative energy and forming those colorful relationships. Sometimes it is not about the impact you make on yourself, but the impact you make on others.


We all go through hard times. And yeah sometimes, it really sucks. We occasionally lose our way and we find ourselves at the bottom. However, the true creative ones realize that the downfall only sparks a new sense of creativity. And when we rise above our challenges, we unlock a new level of our potential. Becky Mikelstein, or Maripo$a, has spent her life overcoming challenges. And yeah, like all of us, she falls down sometimes. But when she gets up, her past obstacles only fuel her bright future. Luckily for us, those obstacles have brought her to to the House of Kolor, where creativity is fueled by our past barricades.

Welcome to the House.


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