The human mind is a very powerful piece of us. With its power, we are able to discover endless possibilities about who we are and what we represent. However, it can be very fragile to some. As we grow up, our mind is continuously developing, with visions of the future and visions of who we want to be. Visions give us the ability to imagine the future and ultimately motivate us towards that picture. However, our visions can be so enormous that it can strike fear in some of our hearts. Do we chase after what we imagine or do we change course to a less frightening and immense picture? Our next member of the Kolorhouse is one who turns those imaginations into reality with his creativity and strong work ethic. Introducing 21-year old producer and pop/electronic recording artist, Luke Baker.

The vision of music came early to Luke Baker. Even before he could play instruments or produce a beat, the artist felt that he belonged on stage. He saw himself in the recording studio, creating his own music as his career. At just the age of 11, Luke began to take those dreams and turn them into actuality. It was not long until he had adjoined with a few of his classmates to create a band that would perform at their local schools and events in the area. These early experiences to the world of music allowed himself to learn how to produce music on his own and fall in love with the electronic and dance genre. He would spend the next 7 years developing his own blend of pop, electronic, and alternative music to form his first official EP titled ,"Weightless", which released in late 2017.

Amassing over half a million streams on Spotify just this year alone, Luke Baker thanks his success to how he perceives life to be. As cliche as it might sound, Luke believes that as long as you follow your passion and find a way to survive while doing it, you can live the life you desire to live.

Since a young kid, Luke has always aspired to be a self-made artist. To this day, he prides himself in writing and producing all his music himself. He enjoys knowing that when people listen to him, they are hearing his honest truth and his experiences in life. At such a young age, many artists can get lost in their success and lose focus on their goals. However, Luke always reminds himself to stay true to his story and where he came from. One day he wants to be able to say that he helped many guide them through the journey of life with catchy beats and fun lyrics. His latest song, “Hit my Line”, is an extension of what his music represents. The new track is catchy, innovative and original and is available now on all streaming platforms.

However we may envision our future, we are driven and influenced by endless imaginations. Imaginations that may seem hard to reach, but with hard work and dedication, can be achieved. Luke Baker has proven that theory to be true through countless hits and ventures in his early career. At just the age of 21, Luke brings to the Kolorhouse a trendy and chic presence that the House has been seeking. The captivating music and inner color of the young artist is one that deserves to be played in our house and throughout the world.

Welcome To The House. Enjoy Your Stay.

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