Now more than ever, music industries have proven to be the gateway to a successful music career. Through these opportunities, up and coming artists have the ability to become apart of a new and innovative record company. With a team behind to showcase and construct music style, the pathway to a rising career for many artists seem to lie through one of many music agencies. However, some artists decide to take a different path with producing and developing all their music individually. Our newest member of the Kolorhouse is one who has begun their music journey doing all of it on her own. Introducing, 17-year old singer, songwriter, producer, and pianist, Liv Brodie or commonly known as, Liv V.

At such an early age, Liv found her passion for music through her endless reading and writing as a child. These two aspects of her childhood allowed her to begin to piece it all together and eventually, she began playing the piano. Through many outside influences and art forms, it was not long until Liv composed and wrote her very first song at the age of 8. In school, she competed and placed in many musical competitions across different states. It was not surprising for many that she succeeded in whatever challenge set in front of her at a young age. From that point on, Liv realized what she was capable of and decided to begin pursuing a music career.

For Liv, the journey has been filled with lessons and growth. Since beginning her musical path, she has learned to enjoy the process rather than focusing on the end goal. The young artist finds the most enjoyment in developing a new concept and watching it evolve and come to life in the studio. From learning this, Liv has already released 23 original songs and has a handful waiting to be released. She thanks most of her success to the idea of remaining removed from a record company, which has allowed herself to stay patient. Remaining indie has enabled Liv to continue to grow and enjoy the adventure one song at a time.

At such a young age, Liv has done more than just make songs. When she was younger, the 17-year old donated $13,000 in glasses and money to her neighborhood and local nursing homes to assist others suffering in deficiencies in eye care. One of her biggest accomplishments for herself was creating @Mission.OK to raise awareness for autoimmune disease after receiving the news that her mother was diagnosed with Lupus and RA. This motivated the young artist to do more than just sing, but strive for a change. Her most recent venture was receiving the opportunity to perform a whole set of her original music at a large firework festival during this summer which can be viewed on her website and her YouTube channel down below.

For anyone seeking an artistic career, growing without a form of management behind you could seem challenging at times. For Liv V, it has made her stronger as an artist. If the evidence was not enough, what is behind the lyrics is a young woman that looks to find color in life for not just herself, but others. From competing in music competitions to donating money to local charities, Liv has molded herself into a self-made artist that seeks to make change. The Kolorhouse is more than just finding color in creativity, but also finding people like Liv that grant color to others. Whether it is through lyrics or donations, Liv has left an impact on how one individual can give color to many.


Welcome To The House. Enjoy your stay.

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