It was in high school. I had just quit my school’s football team and safe to say, I was lost. I did not know who I was, what I was doing, and where I was going. By the time senior year came around, I was very worried that my future was in jeopardy. Everyone had an idea of who they wanted to be or what they wanted to do when they graduated, except me. Most of my life, I was a kid that followed everyone else’s ideas, so deciding what what I wanted to do became frustrating. Safe to say, I did not know who I was.

As I scheduled classes for my senior year, I decided to try something new for once when I enrolled in the course, “Studio Broadcasting”. At first, the idea of public speaking and being showcased in front of the entire school every morning frightened me. What caught my attention though was the endless school videos we were assigned to create every morning. For awhile of my life, I had lost my sense of creativity and I had not realized that my mind craved these imaginative ideas once again. It was not until I started making these 30-second sports videos in a high school classroom that I realized I had been given the rare gift of creativity.

Everything clicked from that point. Regardless if I was making YouTube videos or taking pictures in my backyard, I never let that gift go. However, there came a point in my life where I had realized that this beautiful gift I had been given, was just being utilized for my own eyes. I soon was revealed to the truth that being creative was not just a tool used for yourself. Being creative was about using your colorful gift for more than that. The true gift of creativity lies in the realization of not just expressing your own colors, but sharing that with the world to allow others to be colorful as well. Once you discover this, you discover that creativity holds no limits. And the few that discover this, like Key LeBlanc, have the unique ability of influencing creativity among many colorful souls.


Born in Louisiana, Key had realized that her gift was not just to sing, but to heal others. As a child, she became involved with instruments like the violin and the trumpet. Once she began to sing and write music, she had received a prophecy that told her that God had gifted her with a new voice. Ever since then, she knew she was destined to create.

As she continues to spread her gift of music, Key has also found herself in many unique opportunities that expresses other sides of her creativity. The female artist wrote a book titled, “The Evolution of Modern-Day Love, which can be purchased at Barnes & Noble. The book is about a love story expressed through poetry and teaches the reader how to choose to love yourself first. In regards to music, Key was featured in the Dallas Voyage Magazine under their 2019, “Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas.” She also won the iHeart Radio music contest in 2019 and performed live alongside celebrity bands and musicians at the Made in L.A Music Festival. In addition, last year she even performed live on Good Morning Texas and Good Day Fox 4 News.

Being creative was never just about fulfilling the artistic need for yourself. For many artists and creators, being creative is about expressing that gift to the souls of others. The true gift of creativity lasts when you are able to allow other individuals to feel the same thrilling and exhilarating emotion we experience. At a time in her life, Key LeBlanc opened her eyes to a prophecy that convinced her of her gift. Little did she know, that prophet would persuade herself to pursue a lifetime full of music. Ever since that day, Key has dedicated her life to this new found gift of creativity. And now, she finally gets the chance to show that gift to a House full of color.

“I believe that it is so important to use our gifts and talents to change the world for the better. We have to love ourselves and know ourselves so that we may spread love and light onto others. It’s crucial to never give up on our dreams and our purpose because there are people tied to our calling. People who need the unique light that we give.”

Welcome to the House.

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