"It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument."


I had someone tell me the other day that photography was not a big deal. "Anyone can do it, you just need a good camera". "It is the camera doing the work". Blah blah blah. For those who seem small-minded, a photographer seems replaceable. However, what is not replaceable is the ability to amplify specific emotions through a picture. Photographers have a special gift in their creative world of capturing emotions through a lens. And like Katrina, that gift is what makes them the most creative of them all. 


Straight from the West Coast, Katrina Chan's path to photography was anything but easy. Growing up, she had always been unsure on how to express her creativity, a struggle many creators face. She spent her time drawing and writing away her thoughts, but seemed to stumble on turning those ideas into reality. It was not until she captured some pictures of her sister, that Katrina realized she enjoyed capturing moments on camera. She fell deeply in love with the idea of creating her own story, and showcasing it for the world to see. Since opening her own photography account on Instagram this past year, Katrina continues to develop different ways of conveying emotions to her audience. Although there is always some days where she feels uninspired or frustrated, the young photographer realizes that all the bumps in the road will allow her to grow as a creator. 


For photographers anywhere, the idea of separating yourself can be a struggle. To capture a specific emotion through a lens takes time, and finding the style that makes you unique could be overwhelming. Although she is still early in the process, Katrina's photography aims to showcase the elements in her models, big or small. Many of her best photos consist of a calm and simple aesthetic, with clear backgrounds and subtle features to target the emotion towards the model. In addition, she always manages to bring the beauty of nature out in her photographs. Whether it is a small sunflower or a flowing ocean, Katrina recognizes that her surroundings allow her creativity to blossom. You can view some of her best work right here.



As the world experiences a staggering pandemic, Katrina has not permitted it to halt her creativity. Her most recent work can be seen through her involvement in a group called "COVID-19 Photos For Teens". The group is focused mainly on taking pictures to inspire others around the world to bring out their best creativity during these stressful times. Creating is caring; the more you do it, the better you feel, especially during our country's current state.


Creativity is never something you just find. The state of being creative has always lied within you; you just needed to discover what took you there. For Katrina, most of her life, she dealt with the inability to express this side of herself. Whether it was drawing or writing anomalously, she struggled to find her creative outlet. Although, after taking simple pictures of her sister, she realized what element took her to that creative state. Now, she has begun to mold herself into a true photographer. One who captures pictures not because it looks good, but because it feels good. One who uses her creativity to spread awareness on important matters, and not for the clout. Katrina Chan is the instrument, not the camera. And like all of us, she is the definition of a creator.


Welcome to the House. Stay creative.


"Keep your mind open to possibilities!"

- Katrina Chan


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