Life is like a camera. We always tend to focus on what is important. However, many of us put way too much focus on the negative aspects when we should be capturing the good moments in our lives. The only issue is that when things go bad, some of us might stop taking pictures. We give up. What if instead of quitting, we developed from the negatives and just took another shot?

Our newest member of the Kolorhouse is one who never stops capturing all the color in our lives. Introducing, authentic photographer Julianna Pugliese. Julianna is a 19 year old born in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania who prides herself in showcasing that color to many ordinary lives.

The road to photography for Julianna was very unintentional. Thanks to her father showing her the ropes of photography on a family vacation when she was young, Julianna has not been able to put a camera down since then. That can be seen in her work, as Julianna continues to think differently than many other photographers. She is constantly aiming to find new ways to exhibit those different colors with many types of people. Her work is a representation of what Kolorhouse is about, living life in kolor.

Julianna’s determination and motivation comes from her desire to create. This ability to create with a camera has inspired her to continuously seek new opportunities. Her most recent work can be seen from events such as communions, proms, graduations, bridal showers, and even engagement photos. Through these events, Julianna has had the opportunity to showcase those fun and happy moments in life in many different ways. Being the first photographer invited into the Kolorhouse, Julianna breaks the boundary for many creators and artists to come. Always looking for the color and fun in life, Julianna opens those Kolorhouse curtains and brings endless sunshine, creativity, and positivity to the table.

“I would like everybody to remember that artistic expression is not a competition. There is no ticking clock. Create at your own pace. And a quote that has helped me keep this frame of mind is: “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” - Julianna Pugliese

Welcome to the House.

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