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The world is very gloomy nowadays. With so much going on around us, it is hard to maintain a positive attitude sometimes. Most importantly, we find it difficult to sustain a colorful perspective on life in general. Although many people fill their closets with colors that stretch the rainbow, what does it actually mean to live life in color?

I have stepped around this question for as long as I can think. Maybe, it is because the world of color has ultimately become a secret language in our society. We live in a time now where those who hold that, become very hard to find. It has become a dull world filled with those who can wear it, create it, but never feel it. Little do they know, color has always electrified positivity, and positivity encourages creativity. Color brings out the best in you, and one who truly wears it, sees the magic live inside of them. That is how the language of color is truly spoken, and it is no surprise that Julia Badow excels at bringing it to life.

All the way from Berlin, Germany, Julia Badow is an international selling fine artist who seeks to express herself with the language of color. In fact, she has expressed herself this way ever since she could hold a pencil. When she got into painting in 2012, Julia had an unprecedented amount of free time that she did not know what to do with. She finally decided to pursue the art of painting and spend all her money on canvases and choices of color. When her brother came by one day asking to hang up her artwork, Julia fell head over heels for the idea of somebody wanting what she created.

“Am I different from other creators, though? I’m not sure. We have so many amazing creative people in the world and thanks to the internet and social media we actually get to see how wonderful and creative the world really is. I focus on colors and how I can infuse my paintings with a sense of joy. I want to feel happy when painting, when I look at my art. And I want others to feel the same.”
For someone who lives colorfully, positivity has become second nature for Julia. This feeling has sparked her true meaning behind her art: spreading joy. When painting, Julia quickly discovered the feeling of happiness she had while creating these canvases. When she noticed this, she wanted to give people that see her paintings the same feeling. Her dedication to her work and determination to spread cheer has encouraged Julia to never limit herself. With preaching positivity, she tends to cast wild dreams for her work and her future. She dedicates this to the encouragement she has received from the people around her. Julia’s endless feedback she has received from the start has pushed her to seek out even more ways to spread color.

While living in South Korea, Julia has spent time evolving her colorful craft in several ways. The colorful artist has taught herself website building, email marketing, and even the ways of social media. Social media courses have educated Julia on how to create content on Instagram and how to engage with other creatives across the platform. It also persuaded her to take these new tools and focus predominantly on the digital world, rather than the traditional way of showcasing art. And here she is; playing with colors in her studio in Gangnam. Currently, she is working on a new series right now called, “Seoul Searching”, which explains how her new environment in South Korea has impacted her art experience.

“Color is my love language. I add color to life one painting at a time.”
It has become a rarity in society to live our lives with a colorful attitude. These limits we have put on ourselves have slowly shattered that positive spirit many of us used to have. Now more than ever, the ones who speak the language of color are the light our world needs.

Julia Badow has dedicated her life and her career to the world of color. Day by day, stroke by stroke, Julia strives to inspire joy through her colorful creations. Sitting in her studio, she only hopes that people continue to follow her footsteps into the language of color. As she comes into the House, let those colorful footsteps flood the minds of many. For when Julia Badow enters the Kolorhouse, that is when color and creativity finally flourish.

“I feel really lucky to have found my passion and purpose in life early on. I've always followed my gut instinct and even when it got scary, tried to remember why I am doing all this. The fun thing is, it never felt like I had a choice. Like I could live a different life with a 9-5 job. I love my life and at the same time, it doesn't mean that I completely know what I am doing. I'm still figuring things out, one step at a time. So if anyone is scared to call themselves an artist just yet. I know. I've been there too. And I just decided to give myself permission to create. I paint. So I am an artist. Now that you know a bit about me, how to go from here?”
Welcome to the House.

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