For many of us, risk is a tough word to grasp. In our everyday lives, we are faced with many situations that could expose us to some form of threat or loss. We are, as humans, naturally afraid of risk. However, the difference between being content and living life to the fullest is wrapped up in that one word. Risk nothing, risk something, or risk it all? For Juj, risk is just another word in the dictionary. The 19 year old musician, who was “Philly now is Angeles”, is ready to take the fear out of society and live life taking risks. Welcome to the Kolorhouse.

For Juj, the passion for music always existed in her. As a young child, she actively participated in choir and musicals happening around her town. Even at home, the 19 year old gained inspiration from her Brazilian mother, who embraced her culture by playing Brazilian music in their household. At such an early stage in her career, Juj prides herself in creating a different story in her songs for the youth to listen to. Instead of the classic breakup songs, Juj uses her beautiful voice to motivate and inspire others. Tracks like “Mood” featuring Vic Mensa and “Risk it All” have paved a new wave of music, inspiring society to be different and live life in kolor.

The young artist’s inspiration for music comes from her mother’s extraordinary journey. Outside of the country, Juj’s mother was a hard working immigrant who fought her way into America. Moving to the country at just the age of 18, with 100 dollars in her pocket, Juj’s mom built a life for herself and her future daughter through nonstop hard work and dedication. If Juj’s mother could accomplish that, the 19-year old saw nothing stopping her. From that point on, Juj packed up her bags, dropped out of school, and moved to LA to pursue her music career.

After moving to Los Angeles, Juj hit a hard time in her life. Slowly but surely, everything was coming together for the young artist. She had established strong relationships in her new location, had a job, and was writing songs left and right. Until, she was hit with devastating news. Juj had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. This forced herself to have to move back home for treatment for a few months, which was heartbreaking for herself and her present goals. However, the drive and determination she had to fight through the treatment and come back to LA to pursue music was remarkable. For Juj, it was just another test for the early steps in her career. She was always so afraid to speak up about her situation, until she realized that this chapter in her life could only make her stronger.

The difference in Juj compared to other artists is how she portrays others. In her everyday life, she sees each individual as different and unique in their own way, eager to make as many human connections as possible. There is no question that Juj brings a rare presence to our house. The 19 year old artist carries a remarkable perspective with her through life, aiming to spread love and positivity wherever she may go. Inside her music, she spreads color through empowering lyrics and vocals that will ultimately take your breath away. When you listen to her special songs, you feel inspired and motivated to make a change in the world. Although her music may galvanize you, the special aspect of Juj lies beneath the skin. Underneath, the artist yields undeniable passion and energy for many to feel. As the door opens, let Juj paint our house full of her extraordinary inner colors and cast it for many to see. Leaving was just the beginning, and that beginning has brought her into the Kolorhouse.

“If we were to stop creating, there would be no art. I love what you’re doing Kolorhouse! Keep spreading love.” - JUJ

Welcome to the Kolorhouse. Enjoy your stay.


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