In the creative world, many of us notice artistic work without the acknowledgment of the creator. We are amazed by the creation with the absence of the owner. The Kolorhouse was created in effort to showcase light on those creators. The creators that do not care about the accolades, but just care about spreading love and spreading art. Our newest member of the Kolorhouse is one who is the mastermind behind many of your favorite Youtubers’ profile art. Crazy enough, that is just one of the talents this young woman has. Introducing, graphic designer and motion graphics creator, 23 year old Hayley Matsumoto. Welcome To The House.

In Hayley’s eyes, she always held the creative gene. Like many of us, she never really was fond of the traditional art classes or art forms we are introduced to as young children. As a child, when you are exposed to those ideals, the simplest practice people teach you is to put it down and try something new. For Hayley, this sent a signal to herself, that maybe she was just not destined to seek a career in art. As time went on, she began to envision herself in a career revolving around either marketing or advertising. She began actively searching for assistant jobs in that field, not knowing what to expect. When she began to apply to some of those positions, she was startled when she was asked about her experience with graphic design. With no real experience or teaching, Hayley took it on herself to begin teaching herself the world of design. Sooner or later, she began to find how much enjoyment she had in creating and designing her own ideas. That is when she knew, she wanted to pursue work in the arts.

Inspiration for Hayley’s creative mind started to grow from many YouTubers she used to watch. As a young adult, she began to realize the power of social media and how so many of these daily Youtube creators have built their businesses and brand through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Before long, Hayley soon pieced together how she could incorporate her work and also use social media to propel her creativity. She started designing for Youtubers all over the country and soon picked up motion graphics to attract her work to more customers. For herself, taking a nontraditional route has influenced how she perceives art to be. Being self taught meant to herself that there were no limits or ceilings as to what she could accomplish. Since there was no one to hold her down, she felt free to test the limits of her creativity and challenge herself day in and day out.

Now, even in her early 20s, Hayley has seen her graphic design business grow into something she could have never imagined. She now holds many notable YouTubers on her client list including MissRemiAshten, Alisha Marie, Niki & Gabi, and Aspyn Ovard. Besides her own business, the 23-year old has worked with many media brands from designing work for skincare packing, to clothing, to even museum exhibitions! Some of her previous work can be seen through Inkbox, which is a Toronto-based temporary tattoo brand. With them, Hayley has developed a great partnership which allows her to design a handful of temporary tattoos that can be seen on their website and shared around the world. Her latest venture has been converting her instagram handle “TypeHayley” into a full online shop where you can buy her current designs on stickers, prints, and many miscellanous accessories.

Through her work, Hayley creates small, colorful designs that ultimately bring light to any ordinary object. Whether it is a creation of a sticker to put on your laptop or a design to customize your own Youtube account, Hayley prides herself in designing beauty for any typical creator. The creativity Hayley represents brings a new and modern presence to the Kolorhouse spectrum. Although it won’t be seen in the banner your favorite Youtube has or the sticker you might place on your desk, but what is behind that design is a hard-working young woman who aspires to create and fulfill the creative imaginations of many of us individuals.

“There are truly no limits in what you can accomplish!” - Hayley Matsumoto

Welcome To The House. Enjoy your stay.

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