Sometimes our deepest fears could lie in how we perceive the future to be. Whether it is the fear of losing your job, fear of a break-up, or even the fear of not making it. Naturally, as humans, we tend to focus on what can be rather than what is. And that scares us. In the creative industry, this is a common feeling among many artists and creators. This underlying fear of not making it ultimately crushes many beautiful hopes and dreams. As the pressure continues to become immense, should we cave in or give it our all? Our newest member of the Kolorhouse has faced that fear head on, giving maximum effort to his music so his future is what he has imagined it to be. Introducing the successful musician, 21 year old Grant Ganzer.

Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, the small-town kid grew big-city dreams very quickly during his childhood. At an early age, Grant noticed a love for singing in his church even before beginning school. It was not until a short time later that Grant would ultimately begin taking guitar lessons, singing and playing covers like it was his second nature. During his teenage years, older role models of Grant began to push him to start writing his music and pursue the image of a true artist instead of just a performer. Writing music came to be a reawakening for the young musician, as he fell in love with the ideas behind the process of releasing strong or repressed emotions into lyrics. The inspiration behind his music ultimately turned into a cleansing experience of putting all his struggles and experiences into a song. As he fell deeply into his musical passion, Grant began motivated by the fear of the future. The fear of not making it quickly drove his effort and determination. The frightening reality of the music industry was something Grant shortly learned. That fear inspires him to give it his all with every lyric he writes and every song he creates. The one thing that is for sure is that the young artist would prefer giving it his all and fail rather than caving in to the doubts and fears in the many growing musical talents.

At the early age of just 21 years old, Grant Ganzer has an impressive resume that showcases his dedication and work ethic towards his music. In 2015 and 2016, Grant had the pleasure of being casted on the 7th season of the social sensation, “The Voice”. At that time, the show allowed himself to really focus on developing his tender voice. During his time on the show, Grant was introduced to many other artists who all had advice for the young musician. At such an early stage of his career, one artist recommended to Grant that if he did not start writing his own music than being on The Voice would be the peak of his career. That scared the life out of him. Shortly after, Grant began to write his full length album, “A4”, which is available now on all streaming platforms. This first album has been a true culmination of years of studying music and developing his craft. The 8-month long project produced by Lior Goldenberg tells the story of Grant’s earliest trials and tribulations through the music industry. All live instrumentation, real background vocalists, no pitch corrections, and some really special vintage analog synth sounds can be heard in this record. Since the release of A4, Grant’s most recent venture can be seen in his soon to be released music video for his single, “Other Side of the Sword”. The artist has also been recording a follow up single for the album that he plans to release in the upcoming months.

As a young artist, Grant has really focused on giving love to the people that are listening. With music that at times can be vastly emotional, Grant wants people to experience the difficult parts of being human in his music while pairing his brand with relentless positive affirmations. This can be seen on his social media platforms, as he always makes it a priority to spread love and positivity to the world. The reasoning behind this is to show his listeners that he has fought through the hard times and remains positive despite what life throws at him. The real and authentic foundation Grant has built has allowed himself to live outside of fear, and instead live inside happiness. From the capital city of Iowa to the big cities of California, Grant’s undeniable passion and crave to spread happiness through his music is something that should be casted on the walls of our beautiful Kolorhouse.

“Your happiness, identity, and ability to give love is never defined by your current situation.” - Grant Ganzer

Welcome To The House. Enjoy Your Stay.

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