We all have seen it sometime in our life. Drugs, violence, bullying. It is not new. However, what has become a problem is how we are responding. As a child, we are usually introduced to the norms and values of society as we grow up. Norms like going to school, saying thank you, and many other expectations of behavior shape us at an early age. It is not until kids enter the educational system that they realize that some of these norms begin to become corrupt. Ultimately, this begins to reveal how each and every individual is unique and different. The harsh reality of this is that if you are too different, you may suffer. The majority goes against you. Because we see things in a different lens, we are attacked. Bullied. Made fun of. Well, we are here to tell you that being different is okay. That just means you are more colorful. You are one of the few roses that grew from the concrete, just like our newest member of the Kolorhouse. Introducing, 21-year old musician George Gio Dekano, known as “GioMani”.

Growing up in Tbilisi, Georgia, the road to music was not so smooth for George. As a child, he used to write poems, stories, and sing in his room, performing for the crowd he endlessly imagined. GioMani was even casted on a few TV shows and movies back in his hometown. At the age of 15, he began to pursue poetry once again, but wanted to take the next step. He wanted to add style to it. He eventually converted those poems into rap lyrics, taking on the art of rap for the next four years. It was not until a producer George had been working with suggested that he should start singing based on his vocal tonality. He has been dedicating his life to creating music ever since then.

For George, the young artist prides himself in his uniqueness. Being from a country where only few pursue music, GioMani had to face many critics and doubters in his path. For the 21-year old, the industry has been very tough to him, putting him in situations that has resulted in loss of money, time, and energy. However, GioMani has always known how to pull himself together and implement his experiences into his music.


In his first year of college, GioMani faced trouble paying attention in class. Fascinated by lyrics, he would go to class and find himself in a world of music. Constantly thinking about a new melody or concept, the college life turned out to not be the life for George. He knew at that point he was meant to create. From then on, the young artist has found himself working with some of the biggest producers and songwriters like A-Rod and 808Purps, which is expected to be released very soon.

We are all different. And that is okay. The bigger question is how do we use our differences? Are we confined to the concrete or do we let our colors grow? For George, whether it is through life or music, he always looks to help others bloom. If it is buying food for the homeless or helping friends with music, GioMani has proven to be more than a musician. In a house full of risk takers and color creators, let the color of George’s heart and music be casted on our walls and let his painting be hung up for all to see.

“There’s no limit to where your dreams exist. Keep fighting, keep believing, keep working harder, keep creating and spreading race and support even when you accomplish something you've dreamt about. Always remember that fear is the opposite of love.” - GioMani

Welcome To The House. Enjoy Your Stay.

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