“A classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive.” Sadly but true, our society tends to function around this definition. Whoever we may come across, we are constantly putting inaccurate and unfair labels to that person’s individuality and their spirit. This occurs so often that it has ultimately become second nature for many of us. And when there are labels, there are stereotypes. In a country that prides itself on freedom and independence, some of our biggest issues have lied at the feet of the powerful word that limits who we are and who we can become. The Kolorhouse was built around the idea of fighting these customs. In a house where everyone is invited, we are constantly searching for those that look to break those stereotypes and prove to the doubters that anyone can live their life in kolor. Turns out we have found yet another strong and independent woman that prides herself in shattering those boundaries. Introducing, 25-year old blogger Gabriela Torres. 

Known as “She Wears Color”, the road to empowerment for Gabriela was tough, but worth it. At the age of 11, Gabby quickly fell in love with the idea of fashion and how we use it to express ourselves. Dealing with shyness as a child, fashion allowed her to break out of that shell. As time went on, in 2015 she finally decided to open a blog ranging from fashion to traveling. Her bright personality and catchy colors drove her to re-brand her blog to She Wears Color: a joyful blog empowering women to add color to their lives and closets and feeling confident in their own skin.

A big aspect of Gabby’s blog is the idea of breaking stereotypes. Nowadays, many women are faced with potential labels that might come with certain fashion ideals. Well, Gabriela is here to reshape that. She believes for any woman of any shape or size, color can give you tremendous confidence in yourself regardless of what the naysayers may think. Social media has proven to be negative and dark at times, targeting securities and faults in anyone who may interact on the platforms. So much that it ultimately frightens individuals away from posting what they want on social media due to their insecurities. For Gabriela, she is all about conquering those insecurities and using style to express confidence. The message she delivers to her viewers is to love your imperfections. From loving your flaws, you can live the life you deserve to live, in KOLOR. 


Besides her limitless creativity and adventures with her blog, One of Gabby’s biggest accomplishments is the experience she had volunteering at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her first time traveling abroad consisted of interpreting English-Portuguese/Portuguese-English meetings that allowed her to fall even more in love with her history and helping others. Most importantly, it allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone and take on something that built confidence and courage in herself. 

Expressing positivity and love starts with a positive mind: this may be with a prayer, positive affirmations, mediation, whatever it may be it can set the tone for the whole day. For Gabby, her positivity lies in her colorful pictures, clothes, and messages she spreads to the world each and every day. Regardless of the constant negativity and stereotypes of society, Gabriela always uses the doubts to fuel her positive and bright mindset on life. In a world where labels have become the way to describe one another, Gabby lives each and every day where we are all equal and we are all beautiful. In a house filled with creativity, Gabby brings more than just fashion tips, but a personality that leads others into a life filled with color. 

“Be a fruit loop in a world of Cheerios. Don’t focus too much on what others think and express yourself in whatever way makes you feel the most confident and happy.” - Gabriela Torres

Welcome To The House. Enjoy Your Stay. 

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