Life is weird. Sometimes it moves so fast that we miss the chance of sitting down and capturing the beautiful moment we have in front of our eyes. When you realize just how short life can be, you realize how to appreciate the little moments. And recently, I have learned to feel appreciative to those seconds of laughter and happiness we only experience once. Because once they are gone, they are gone.

It is beautiful actually. How we, as individuals, share the opportunity of making a mark on the world. We get so caught up on money, status, and popularity that we ultimately forget how valuable life is. We forget how beautiful it can be. We forget what we were put on this planet for, to leave a legacy. To leave a beautiful and colorful path of life for many to follow. Whatever that might look like to us, we all hold a duty of leaving a lasting impact on someone or something. And for Finn, that is through his honest and positive music.

Born in New Jersey, Finn Matthews is a 19 year old artist that has been drawn to music ever since he could remember. Growing up, Finn would steal his mom’s mp3 player just to dive into the world of music. It was not until he was 8 years old that he began playing on the piano, taking lessons as much as possible. His teacher quickly began to realize the potential Finn had and suggested that he pursued singing. And just like that, Finn’s music career took off.

At such a young age, Finn has found an unique trait of simplicity and honesty in his music. For himself, Finn aims to evoke emotion from all his listeners regardless of what the song is portraying. Taking the music he gravitates towards and aiming to capture that essence in his own tracks has allowed Finn to write beautiful stories through his lyrics and beats.

We all have our own motivation. For Finn, his motivation lies in helping people the way he can which is through music. Making people feel good and feel understood through his positive and emotional songs is just one of many things that motivates the young artist. As humans, it’s important to realize that very few of the things that society places importance on are actually important for you to be happy. We’re all taught that having a lot of money, having nice things, and having status are what makes a person “successful”. For Finn, success lies in helping people and leaving a positive impact that will outlive him for generations to come.

Moving to L.A, Finn has had the opportunity of performing at many events and fundraisers that shed light on important issues in our society like CF and Autism. Having just released his new single, “Sunny Daze”, Finn showcases a new era of his music which he looks forward to expanding in the upcoming year. Sunny Daze represents an upbeat but emotional song about the journey love has had for Finn at such a young age. Being just 19, the possibilities for the young artist are endless. You can check out the lyric video for his new single below!

Life is about the little things. Smiling at strangers, talking to people you meet, experiencing new opportunities. All these little moments just allow us to realize how beautiful this journey can be for us. For Finn, his journey began when he realized that life becomes so much more meaningful when you stop living solely for yourself. Through his smooth music or his humble personality, Finn Matthews has already changed many so lives by filling the hearts of anyone he comes across with happiness. And now, at just the age of 19, Finn is ready to leave that lasting positive impact through the endless rooms of the Kolorhouse, where we all join together to live in color.

“No matter who you are, where you are, what your background is, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Life is such a short and precious gift. Just follow your heart and everything will figure itself out. Life isn’t supposed to be boring, do what makes you happy because if you’re happy then nothing else matters.” - Finn Matthews

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