Creativity lies underneath the ability to expose your feelings. Personal experiences give inspiration to art, however many come across a disconnect in opening these wounds. To be honest, even I have. Although, to feel is to be vulnerable. Even though you spent your whole life avoiding these feelings, your story is meant to be shared. Remember: you're not crazy, you're just creative. And that creativity is found passed the stage of vulnerability, where we find our newest creator, 23-year old musician Ferra.


From the beaches of Staten Island, Ferra has always been connected to the world of music. However, like many of us, it took her some time to accept vulnerability and begin sharing her story through art. About one year ago, she began writing and creating with several EDM artists. Let's not forget, she also earned a Master's Degree this past year. You go girl!


Exposing our wounds always is a scary sight. Sometimes it isn't the easiest to share, but Ferra hopes the strength she showcases through her music will only inspire others to share their individual stories as well. She also wishes that her versatility in music influences young artists to continuously explore different sounds. Ferra's love and interest in music came from her heavy background in EDM music. However, that has not stopped her from experiencing different styles and cultures in the creative world. 


Besides earning an impressive Master's Degree at the age of 23 (wow!), Ferra continues to dazzle her followers with her musical collaborations. From creating songs with DJ's around the world, to working with various producers, Ferra never stops expanding her sound. She also had the opportunity to perform for a fundraiser that raised money for "VH1's Save The Music" Foundation in Soho, Manhattan. For someone who holds the East Coast dear to her heart, it meant a lot to Ferra to be apart of this event.
Life is short. Look, I am not going to lie to you, and neither will Ferra. For most of her life, she has played it like everyone should: colorful. Whether it is taking risks or experimenting with new hobbies, Ferra is just always looking to create. For her, there is no such thing as bad art. She has kept the mentality of going into any project unafraid, and be willing to be open to changes and differences. Simply put, she accepts vulnerability, and you should too.



I struggled with vulnerability for most of my life. As a child, I was afraid to share my story because I felt it would weaken me. Turns out, being vulnerable only makes you stronger. For Ferra, it was not until a year ago that she realized how special her story was, and how many lives it could change. Many of us have built this stigma in society that vulnerability showcases weakness, but it is the complete opposite. Showcasing your flaws and opening your wounds only allows you to inspire others, and bring change to your colorful life. Whether that story is expressed through music, art, or even photography, it is still meant to be shared. Now more than ever, Ferra is confident in herself and in her story. The young artist is eager to take the next step in her creative journey. As she continues to evolve, Ferra still maintains the mentality of always looking to inspire and support others. Whether that is through her music or her nurturing personality, Ferra is here to prove to everyone that you are not crazy, you are just creative. 

"If you want to excel in anything, you need to give it your 100%. Don't look back, don't be afraid. If you don't fail and have roadblocks, then you didn't try hard enough. Keep going. No success story ever was an "on the first shot" kinda story. All good success stories include hardships, failures, trials and errors. So make sure you look at the whole picture of the journey. It is all part of your story."

- Ferra

Welcome to the House.

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  • We came into your family and you have accepted our love. You have always been kind and loving. I have watched you grow into a beautiful talented young lady. Your heart is as big as your talent and voice. Keep the course and I love that you are giving young people courage to move forward and face failure and success. We will always have your back. Keep singing and writing . XXXOOO

    Donna VanDerHerp
  • Ferra – Her talent is immeasurable. ❤️ Her voice sends chills….. she is on 🔥!!!!

    Angela Maratta
  • I love Ferra’s heart!! She speaks to my soul with her beautiful voice and amazing lyrics❣️

  • Absolutely love this article ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ferrra is a beast 💪🏼 Her voice is magical 😍


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