From Houston to the House, Corey Morris has constantly been on our radar. It was not that long ago that we showcased his newest project, "Free Shine". With the versatile flow and innovate style, it has quickly become one of our House favorites. It would be hard to top, but Corey is ready to take it to the next level with the deluxe version of his album, "Free Shine", out now. Be careful; stars only are allowed. 


What inspired you to release these two additional songs on "Free Shine"? Was there a story that was left unwritten? 

"There were these two stand out tracks that I was going to release as singles or for future projects, but I figured why not just put them on the project when I release everywhere and we ran with that."


Both "Completely ridiculous" and "Light years" seem to showcase a different flow of yours. Was there a difference in production with these two new tracks?

 "These songs were made in a different time and space than the rest of the album which is why they sound a bit different but they hint to a sound people can look for in my future projects."


Completely Ridiculous" really aims to shut down all your haters through your ridiculous flow. Was there a specific message you were trying to convey in this single? 

"When I was producing the beat for this I could already feel the aggressive vibe it was giving me. I just felt a certain level of confidence in this one, like if there was any type of beat to showcase I can do this rap shit at the highest level, this would be that time. I’m usually humble in my approach but songs like these you catch my alter ego, “Star”, and he doesn’t mind telling you about himself."



Light years is really a whole vibe in itself. Ultimately, it is a great song to close the project on. Your confidence in your music and yourself just shines through in this single. Where did this confidence come from? How did you develop this mindset that you are always determined to get ahead of your peers?  

"Light years is just a big metaphorical wordplay in itself. I’m saying lightyears because that’s how far ahead I am with the sound and the art. As in it would be impossible to catch up now, considering the levels my team is reaching. Plus, the production sounds like something that came from outer space. I gained the mindset from just staying focus on the work. If you focus on the work and the grind, you won’t even be worried about who the competition is."


Over all, Free Shine has been a very versatile and creative project. From releasing the deluxe, what do you hope your listeners take from this project?

"For new listeners, I want them to get an idea of how creative and fearless a Corey Morris project can be. I want them to grasp the concept of showing multiple styles that come together and not just one sound for the entire listen. For old listeners, they accept the shine already and understand it’s an experience. I’d like to see them share that experience with others."




Any future projects in the making? 

"Now that the tape is officially out everywhere, it gives people a chance to get a glimpse of what’s to come. More visuals are on the way as well as the album." 


Corey Morris has quickly become a House sensation. His unique approach to music and limitless creativity constantly catches our attention. With the release of the deluxe version of "Free Shine", Corey showcases his mature sound and a new level of creativity we have yet to see from him. As he continues to hit the studio and work on his craft, we can only wait to see how he will top himself again. Stay creative.


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