Through all creative work and expressions, some may say that music can be the most powerful and inspiring form. By way of music, many creators and artists have the opportunity to truly express themselves through chords and lyrics. It gives them the chance to be creative with their voice while creating something that is enjoyable for many peoples’ ears. Since music has become a global sensation, there has been a growing number of artists from all across the world. However, each musician brings something new to the table, creating color in their own way. Our very first and unique artist invited into the Kolorhouse is 21-year old, Houston-raised, Corey Morris.

The path towards music for the 21-year old was clear since the beginning. From being in church as a child, to even playing in a band, Corey grew a passion for expressing himself through melodies. For himself, music became a gateway for the emotions and expressions he was too afraid to speak out on. Ever since he began to write his own music at the age of 10, Corey allowed music to become his passion, delivering a new style and flow to the game.

For Corey’s music, he takes pride in making himself stand out from other artists. His ability to switch flow quickly and deliver new cadences from song to song is what can be found through his new music. The idea behind this is to allow the listeners to capture full attention of every lyric, on every song. The biggest difference for Corey though is how he sees his music. Just like any painting, music takes awhile for an individual to understand the true meaning behind the lyrics and melodies. Over time, Corey has begun to see music as paintings, where many may look at a painting and just see colors and patterns, while some may look at the same painting and see a gorgeous masterpiece with a story to be told. This vision has allowed Corey’s music to be grown from perspective and pure emotion. While many artists look at music as a race, Corey views it as an individual marathon, enjoying the process one lap at a time.

For Corey, the marathon has just begun. Painting the world with color, the Houston-raised artist has already showcased some of his work on major platforms. His most recent song, “Crown Me” was featured in many articles in magazines, such as Vibe Magazine. Two of his singles have premiered on Beats 1 radio station and his new single, 153, has recently entered many global music playlists across streaming services. However, this is just the beginning for Corey. He has been working constantly on his new project, “FREE SHINE”, which is now streaming on Soundcloud.

As the first musician invited into the Kolorhouse, Corey’s ability to tell stories and spread love through music will jumpstart a movement. The creativity and unique presence of the 21-year old allows many listeners to relate and feel something through his music. Painting color with songs, Corey prides himself in making people believe that they can be the best version of themselves, not listening to what the critics say. Music has been the one key element missing from the Kolorhouse, and Corey brings that with a distinctive sound. As Corey makes his way into the Kolorhouse, let the door be open and let the speaker be turned on. Let his unique sounds flow, and let the color be painted on our walls.

“When in doubt, always remember to be yourself because that’s the most original and authentic thing you could ever be.” - Corey Morris

Welcome to the Kolorhouse. Enjoy your stay.

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