All the way from East London, Harry and The Chicks is ready to show the House her colorful and energetic personality. With her catchy melodies and unique lyrics, Harry continues to evolve as a musician and as a creative. Her up-beat attitude and joyful music is influenced by some of her favorite artists like Tori Amos and Panic! At The Disco. This can be seen in her brand new single, "Colour Me In", which showcases the motions of falling in love and connecting with the colors around us.

Harry and The Chicks’ new single ‘Colour Me In’ is an experience in itself. In this song, Harry explains how many of us struggle with handling the emotions of love. The music video is revolved around soft and bright colors which expresses how several things around nature represent many of the feelings we go through. Throughout the video, Harry along with the dancers create a colorful but passionate environment. You feel the emotions as Harry sings through the garden of colors. Overall, this creative work of art deserves to be played throughout the House. 



Harry directed, edited and designed the music video herself, as she does with all her releases. She has released a clothing line named after ‘Colour Me In’, which is available to purchase on her website now. 

Welcome to the House. Stay Creative.

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  • Harry that was fantastic.. I am so proud of you all. XXXX

    Mary Gatward

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