An era is defined as a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic. A long period of time where we experience something that we will never witness again. A span of events that people will eventually look back on in history.

Like that one Friends’ episode, we experience many ends of eras. For example, in less than two months, 2020 will be here. Just like that, the 2010s are gone. Crazy how 10 years just flew by. Looking back on it, this past decade was a fun rollercoaster. I experienced happiness, sadness, but most importantly, I learned a lot. Learned about who I am and who I want to be. Experienced some highs and experienced some lows. But, those lows have taught me so much about how to live in this next decade. A new decade, a new start, and a new era.

Like many people say, all good things must come to an end. And as a young individual, I am ready for the new era. And with a new era comes new experiences, new ideas, and new talent that we were just not ready to see yet. A new era begins now, starting with the newest sensation in New York City, 25-year old Cole Lumpkin.

Somewhere between the starter music books and the snow-inspired jazz soundtrack to ”A Charlie Brown Christmas”, it clicked for Cole. The ability to create and layer sounds over pockets and rhythmic ideas was the first time he felt like himself. From there, making music just made sense to him. It was something he could always confide in, trust, and that would have his back no matter where life took him.

For himself, Cole sees himself as a student of music. Whether it is fusing together a beat to the latest Pharrell track or the most recent Frank Zappa solo, Cole has always been a firm believer in following his artistic impulse. For Cole, taking the driver’s seat in your life is about making the road, not following it. And once you get familiar with the road, that is when you begin to take your path down different avenues.

As an artist, the accomplishment Cole is most proud of is just having the ability to share music with people who support and follow him. He has found that his inspiration lies in imagining his fans listening to one of his songs or solos for the first time and making them feel alive inside. Cole’s latest project can be seen in his newest music video and song, “Trouble”, available to listen now on YouTube.

Understanding where his fans come from and understanding the potential everyone has to love is something Cole has always strived to be in touch with. The young artist truly believes that no matter the circumstances, everyone has good in them, even if they haven’t found it yet. Throughout his young career, Cole Lumpkin has walked into the creative world with a glowing and colorful personality. With a unique voice and style of music, let us welcome Cole Lumpkin to the Kolorhouse, where creativity is welcomed.

Welcome To The House. Enjoy your stay.



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