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While I was growing up, I never lived in a large community. Although I had a very fun childhood, I realized that my house always seemed to be alone. That sense of community became unfamiliar to me. Therefore, I never realized just how strong people can be together.

Together. It is a word that has become uncommon nowadays. As a society, so many ideas divide us that we forget how it feels to be united. Society has drove this idea of being separated through our veins, causing ourselves to be frightened by one another. It causes us to seek those who are unafraid of community and shine bright in color. Those like 21 year old musician, Carson Dowhan.

From Bay Area, California, Carson was always known for his ability to bring people together. However, that sense of community he felt did not just come from anywhere. It came from music. At the age of 8, Carson had the chance of seeing the iconic Jason Mraz perform. Little did he know that Jason’s performance would inspire him to pursue music himself. From then, Carson created a songwriting club in his high school where he first started to write his own music and carry it with him to college. Now, the young artist is ready to take the next step in his musical career with his second upcoming album.

Recording music is one thing, but performing is another. Before he started his first record, Carson was out with his roommate in New Jersey doing an open mic. When he went on stage and starting singing, the room got suddenly very quiet. Carson enjoyed it. He found that this feeling of silence was one of the most satisfying feelings he has ever felt. He quickly embraced the test of performing as it empowered him to know that he had everyone’s attention and challenged him to put on a performance the audience would never forget.

For any artist, not focusing 100 percent on your craft can be aggravating. After working a bunch of odd jobs, Carson had a moment where he did not see himself doing anything but writing music for the entirety of his life. His curious personality allowed himself to continue to evolve his writing techniques and ultimately shift his focus to even writing for other artists. Ever since he was young, Carson aimed to help others as much as he can. Now, he does that through writing lyrics.

Entering college, Carson did not know what to expect. He had plans for music, but did not know how to ignite them. As college began, Carson excelled in the classroom just like how he excelled in the studio. It was not long before he released his first album, “Only the Moon”, that was successfully funded by a kickstarter. Carson also had the amazing opportunity of starting a folk band called South Professor and was lucky enough to record an EP for the band in the basement of his school's conservatory with some incredibly talented student engineers, like Dirk Roosenburg and Daniel Markus.

Now being 21, Carson has his eyes set on his second album and his own potential label. His label will be focused on smaller, local artists in the Bay Area that are committed to consistently playing shows and putting out music. He hopes to jumpstart this idea with his hometown record store, the place Carson considers that started his career.

A community is not just a place. It is a feeling. That sense of community is a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and bringing all types of people together. As a musician or as a college student, Carson has always wanted to achieve that. Whether it's putting together a show lineup with new artists, lending recording equipment, or introducing songwriters to one another, Carson has done more than just help his peers. The young artist has used his unmatched competitiveness and his unique positivity to allow many colorful people to come together creating more than just a community, but a colorful house.

“If you don't write that song, someone else will.” - Carson Dowhan

Welcome to the House. Enjoy your Stay.

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