Wassily Kandinsky once said, "color is a power which directly influences the soul". Lately, it seems that our world has bypassed this magnificent power we have on our hands. Soon enough, you see your own people living in a black and white world. Just getting by, accepting the negative energy that comes with living colorless. However, to live in color is to live fully. Although it takes some longer than others, we eventually find our colors that forms not just who we are, but what we create. Luckily, Edwin Cadet has already discovered the various colors that allow his creativity to blossom


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADET! From Brockton, Massachusetts, the now 23-year old creator, Edwin Cadet, is ready to put his multi-dimensional creativity on display. From computer design, to digital photography, to designing clothes, to making music, Cadet has proven that he is a rising creative genius. Since joining a band in middle school, Edwin has used creativity as a way to release any of his emotions. Most importantly, it has allowed him to find his true colors and develop into the creator he always aspired to be. 


Always be yourself. For Cadet, what has made him different than other creators is his individuality. The young creator has always known who he was and how to express that. He prides himself in silencing the doubters, and putting out work that he believes in. Most importantly, Edwin has never been scared to experiment with new ideas. His fearless approach to experiencing different styles and cultures in the creative world was shaped by his parents, who constantly allowed Cadet as a child to try new things. Whether it was playing the piano, or joining Boy Scouts, Edwin's parents gave him the tools to be creative. Once high school came around, he knew that it was his responsibility to continue to let that determination flow. Even when times get tough and we hit a creative block, Edwin uses his infamous phase, "Find Your Colors", to keep the creative juices flowing. For himself, that phase has taken on a bigger meaning that just being colorful. Find your colors has influenced Cadet to find what makes him happy, and continue to work on his creative craft.



Being just 23, Cadet has already showcased his versatility in creative work through numerous opportunities. In high school, a local museum, "Fuller Craft Museum" chose to showcase one of Edwin's digital photography pieces in one of their exhibits. If that was not enough, he has even reached radio waves, as one of his songs premiered on a Boston radio station. The young artist even took his talents to showcasing sneakers by collaborating with his friend Riley on a Skechers commercial that ultimately was premiered on the sneakers' official Instagram page. Cadet also maintains his creativity by incorporating his colorful pictures and aesthetics through his personal Tumblr page, which can be seen here: SomeOfMyColors.Tumblr.Com. For now, Edwin plans to release his anticipated EP, "It's My Last Name", on June 3rd. The project is one of his first complete productions in his musical career, and we cannot wait to listen. 


For most of my life, I had experienced a colorless outlook on anything that came my way. It was not until I opened myself to the world of creativity that I realized, the only true way to live life is to live it in color. Whether it is designing clothes or making music, Edwin Cadet has made it a priority to not just live his life in color, but to inspire others to do so as well. Creativity allows us to not just bring our ideas to life, but to create a life better for all around us.


Find your colors. Cadet is living evidence that when you continue to experiment new things, you ultimately allow those beautiful colors of life to flow through you. His charming personality and overwhelming positivity gives you proof that when you create, that is when you live life to the fullest. Let creativity take control. Let creativity reveal those bright colors you have been hiding. Although Edwin Cadet is still very early on in his journey, the impact he continues to have on others has become everlasting. Luckily for us, his positive impact has landed him at the Kolorhouse: where creativity is limitless, and colors are endless. Happy birthday, Cadet. Stay creative.


"If you're reading this s***, find your colors, wash your hands, and stay up. It’s all we can do in a world where people are trying to do anything to get ahead. Being yourself gets noticed, in a better light. I’m out!"

- Edwin Cadet


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