Kids today have dreamt about it. As they doodle in their high school classes, teenagers always think about blowing up. Becoming the next biggest thing. What if we became a famous singer? What if we lived that rockstar life style? In the end, we all just want to blow up. Ultimately, these dreams scare us away. Why? Well, they are risky. I mean, who would ever want to put everything on the line?

I guess it is just hard. Sometimes we are just afraid to make the jump. We have become so comfortable on the side of the cliff that we are horrified as to what is on the other side. We have a fear of being uncomfortable. I have learned that the hard way. As a teenager, I used to always be afraid of what might be instead of realizing what is. I was scared of the outcome. I was scared as to what people might think of me and scared about the unpredictable. It was not until I realized that everything I could ever imagine was on the other side.

It is okay. It is okay to not be ready to take the next step. Take your time. We are not telling you to drop out of high school. Relax. What I am telling you is that chasing your dreams is not ridiculous. And in the end, we find our way to true happiness. Pursuing your happiness is something you should not be ashamed of. We all find it our own way. And with hard work, we can make our dreams come true. Avalon Young, 25-year old musician from San Diego, is living proof that taking that leap of faith leads you to where you want to be rather than where we are.

It started in middle school. The young artist became fascinated with the guitar and she never looked back. At just the age of 15 years old, Avalon posted her first cover video on Facebook that would be the first of many songs people would hear from her. Mixing her writing with her music, Avalon came to the decision in 2013 to drop out of college and pursue her musical career.

As a young musician, Avalon fell in love with performing acoustic. The authentic and real version of songs was an idea that intrigued her. This also allowed herself to become more engaging with her audience which she prides herself in. Being 25, Avalon knows that in today’s society a lot is not talked about. Being diagnosed with anxiety and OCD has allowed the young artist to begin the conversation about mental health awareness and spread the message to all her listeners.

Music has a power. Power of making individuals feel free and fearless. Avalon quickly became passionate with this feeling as music has became a sort of sanctuary for herself. The ability to express yourself and tell your story has motivated and determined Avalon to her endless success she has had in her early career. Her vision began to alter how she understood life. Whether it is family or friends or even strangers, Avalon has learned that every day should be a day led with kindness. Being able to understand certain struggles and turn them into lessons has evolved the mindset of the young artist. A mindset that has enabled Avalon to become proud of who she is and who she will become. A mindset that regardless of the circumstances, she will always live in color.

From dropping out of college to performing a country-wide tour, Avalon has quite the amount of accomplishments. Her most recent accomplishment was her recent placement in the newest show, “Next Big Thing”, where she placed in the Top 8 artists. This was no surprise to her, as she had the opportunity of also placing Top 8 in the 15th season of American Idol.

Two years after dropping out, Avalon took the music scene by releasing her first EP, “Redline”. This kick-started her journey through the charts, endlessly seeing her singles climb the spots. One of her more favorite accomplishments was seeing her first album, “Shift”, climb to the 2nd spot on the iTunes R&B charts. This was an acknowledgement of her hard work and the amazing people she has surrounded herself with such as songwriter Jordyn Dodd-Waddington and producer Midi Jones. Her most recent work can be seen in her newest EP, “Superbloom” which released September 10th. The EP gave Avalon the opportunity to orchestrate a country tour happening right now across the globe. You can buy tickets to see the fascinating artist at: www.avalonyoung.com/shows 

We all have our way. Some might be more bumpier than others, but that just makes the ending even better. For Avalon, dropping out of school was a jump she had to make. Ultimately, she found herself on the other side. As her career evolves, Avalon has achieved many things in these recent years that predict an even brighter future. And with the fame, the shows, the accolades, Avalon is still that young girl making cover videos on FaceBook ready to spread color with her songs and with her fearless personality. Regardless of the situation, if it’s on stage or behind the scenes, Avalon Young always sets to change lives in many different ways.

“I honestly just wanna thank anyone who took the time to read this. Being an independent artist is a tough job and knowing that people are open to me and what I do is really amazing.” - Avalon Young

Welcome To The House. Enjoy Your Stay.

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