To quote William Shatner, energy is the key to creativity. Energy energy, energy. The difference between living a colorful life and living a dull life. It is crazy really, how extreme our outlooks vary when it comes to not even our daily lives, but life in general. Growing up, you are taught these inevitable lies about how you are supposed to view life as. So much so, those that dare to see it differently are mimicked and judged. Believe me, it even made me think it was a bad thing. Even the few that carry limitless energy are soon judged for even having that thought on its own. Even when they translate their energy to creativity, they see their work be critiqued. William was right. Energy ignites creativity. And without creativity, there is no color.
Andrea Mitchell in the studio creating, “Everyone’s The Same”.

It is to no surprise that individuals who hold immense energy see their creative endeavors blossom. Having that non-stop, always going mentality truly separates you from the crowd. You see life as a continuous train, never stopping. You open yourself up to the beauty of the world, eager to color wherever you may go. Soon enough, that color turns into creativity and you find a unique few of artists like Andrea that see it just like you do.
Growing up in the biggest county of New Jersey, Andrea was exposed to a lot of music at a young age. It started in kindergarten when she would sing in class, distracting other students in the room. At the age of 6, Andrea got into a musical at her community theatre. It was not until she began spending her summers at Stagedoor Manor Preforming Arts Camp that Andi realized she loved songwriting. Shortly after, she was consumed by the world of music. Through her sophomore year of high school, Andrea made the decision to leave school, pack her bags, and move to L.A in hopes of a musical career.

Many of us struggle with authenticity. Society drives us to act in certain ways with certain people, allowing us to create a false identity of ourself. What makes Andi different is how real she aims to be. Most importantly, she aims to be real through writing music. Writing music for herself has become a remedy for expressing her feelings and turning all of the emotions into lyrics. Once she realized that the only way she could be vulnerable was through her music, she realized how unique her own voice was.
Having just released her first single, “Everyone’s The Same”, Andrea has her sights set on possible merchandise for her supporters and new music. At the age of 17, she has already had the opportunity to sing in various events such as singing the National Anthem at MSG, and performing with her community choir at Radio City Musical Hall. For now, the young artist continues to impress with her debut single, expressing her desire to find unique individuals like herself.

Every day is a journey. We wake up, drink coffee, and get ready for the endless opportunities out there for us. Sometimes, it’s a lot to always see this life as a blessing rather than a condemnation. In short, it takes a lot to have energy. To have that mindset and that ability to be colorful in a darkened world, no matter what circumstances may face you. Energy. Some of us have a little of it, while some of us, like Andi, carry it with us wherever we go. Straight out of NJ, Andrea Mitchell, not too long ago, was an aspiring high school student seeing her teenage years flash by. The darkened classrooms and the dreary mindset students carried with them demonstrated to Andrea that the energy she craved was wrong. Writing this now, I can tell you that it a short time ago that I was in the same situation as her. However, once you step out of that aging environment, you notice how the same energy you were scolded to share is the same energy many colorful people have. Like William said, energy is the key to creativity. Energy is how creativity blossoms. And without creativity, there is no color in our house to share the extraordinary gift Andrea holds.
“Hang in there! Every low comes with a high and you aren't alone. Also love will find you, it just might take some time.” - ANDI

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