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 By this point in time, we’re roughly two months into quarantine. I don’t know about you guys, but I am kind of sick of staring at the sun through my window. I have had the privilege of going back to my hometown and enjoying some good old one on one time with nature. But when I am not soaking up the lust of nature, I am relegated to my apartment in Philadelphia staring at the beautiful weather. A form of entertainment that has helped make this time bearable is television. With the help of the dubious amounts of streaming services, the hunt for the perfect show to binge can be quite daunting. I’m here to inform you of the best TV shows that have been released in quarantine and the best to binge. Don’t worry, I have a little something for everyone.


            First, I’m going to start with the new series that has been released since we, well, couldn’t be released. First up, I have a Netflix docuseries. Now, I think you can guess what I am about to say here. Yes, it’s Tiger King. The docuseries follows the story of owners (the main person being Joe Exotic) of big cat sanctuaries. This series comes with everything one could ask for from a docuseries: murder, mystery, scandal, baby tigers, and even Shaq holding a baby tiger.  Audiences were left wondering how these people could even be real, which adds to the splendor of it. The series dropped on Netflix early on in the quarantine. It became a smash hit, and had the entire world holding on to a sort of peace, happiness, and laughter that came along with it. The show is definitely binge worthy (I finished it in one night). If anything, it’ll make you smile and laugh.



            The next Netflix show is quite the 180 from Tiger King. Nevertheless, it is still full of murder, mystery, and scandal, just no baby tigers. Outer Banks is the latest teen soap opera to hit the screen and its quite addictive. The best way I can describe it is ‘The OC’ meets ‘Riverdale’. It has the sun-soaked drama and romance of rich vs. poor, and the teenage murder mystery plot device, all of which are the tall true signs of a hit. Outer Banks takes place on the island of Outer Banks, North Carolina. It tells the story of a new orphaned teenage boy, John B, and his quest to uncover the truth of what happened to his father, who supposedly died in a shipwreck. Him and his ragtag group of friends follow clues and intuition to help crack the case. But, of course, this is not without some drama and romance with the high society occupants of the island. This show was another fast binge for me. Each episode left its audience wanting more, ending with a massive cliff hanger. This made it for an easy binge, but definitely made me craving summer a little too much.


            The next new show also came from Netflix (they really packed the punch during this quarantine). It is from the creators of other hits such as ‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story’. Hollywood tells the story of young artists trying to make it big in the movie business in the 1950s. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds a little cliché. Yes, while the concept maybe be cliché, the message of the show is anything but. The show manages to rewrite history for the African American and LGBTQ+ community and provides a scope into the hardships of minorities during the fifties. If you’re a fan of old Hollywood, film, and period shows, you will definitely sink your teeth into this. While the show gets a little cheesy towards the end, the message is still bright and clear. I am a sucker for golden age Hollywood, so this show was an easy binge. There are some twists you won’t see coming might I add. If you’re looking for something a bit lighter and different, Hollywood should definitely be added to your queue. 



            As well as devouring new shows, I have also been re-watching some old favorites. I find that watching something familiar can feel comforting during these times. Some classics that deserve a re-watch and will bring a smile to your face are The Office and Parks and Rec. I find shows like these bringing me a sense of ease and joy, and I think you will too. Now, this show is new to me this quarantine, but I know it has been around for a while: Outlander. The show takes place in Scotland in the 1700s. There’s something very fun about exploring that world, something vastly different from what we are living in right now. It has easily become one of my favorite shows and I have devoured it. If you are a fan of period drama you’ll love it. But, if you are looking for something with more drama, I highly suggest Gossip Girl. For the past week I have been on a kick with that show. It is chop full of everything you could possibly want: romance, mystery, murder, drama. It is one of the original teen soaps, and something that I will always return to if I want to escape mundane reality and be transported to the upper east side of Manhattan. That is the beauty of television, it is a mindless escape from reality.



During times like this, a mindless escape to Hollywood during the 1950s or Scotland during the 1700s is much needed, and almost therapeutic. This pandemic has taught us the value of what we are given and to not take our lives for granted. Our reality isn’t as terrible as we thought it was. But sometimes, you need a little escape into the world of television, and that is completely okay, especially right now. 

Hayley Allison

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